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Rutherford Don McKinney's Rutherford Notes

The following pertains to Narcissa (Rutherford) Jones' parents, Benjamin & Jane (Marshall) Rutherford:
From "Genealogical History of the Rutherford Family", Vol 1, 1988, pg 201, by Kenneth & Anna Rutherford

"Benjamin Rutherford volunteered for military service in Cocke County, Tennessee, 10 January 1814 and was discharged at Kingston, Tennessee, 20 May 1814. He served in the company of Capt. Charles Lewins. In his younger years, Benjamin Rutherford was a school teacher at Pilot Knob School in 1845. He wrote some of his personal expense accounts and personal experiences in his textooks. He became the owner of a large plantation and had an enviable reputation as a breeder of fine horses. His son, Augustus, was hanged by Southerners, and his son, John, was killed during the Civil War at Walker Station. Benjamin Rutherford died intestate. His widow, aged fifty-three, applied for bounty land 19 March 1851 in Sebastian County, Arkansas. A sheet of paper with the vital statistics of this family was contributed by Helen (Rutherford) Burgess."
1850 - Crawford County, AR (Heirs of the Estate of Benjamin Rutherford, died 1849 Greene Co TN) "State of Arkansas, County of Crawford: Know all men by these presents, that we, Clinton Rutherford, Augustus Rutherford, Joseph Rutherford, James Rutherford, Robert Thaxton, & Louisa thaxton, his wife, John Jones and Narcissa Jones his wife, for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to each of us in hand paid and divers good and sufficient consideration us thereunto moving. We have this day nominated, constituted and appointed and by these presents do nominate, constitute and appoint Farmer Williams our true and lawful agent and attorney in fact for us and in our name to sell and convey and dispose of all right title claim and interest which we or any or either of us may have in and to a certain tract or parcel of land Situate, lying and being in the county of Greene (Jefferson marked out) in the state of Tennessee as heirs at law of BENJAMIN RUTHERFORD, deceased late of Greene (Jefferson marked out) County Tennessee to transfer, make over, and dispose of and make all necessary deeds and conveyances to vest the full and prefect title to said tract of land to the purchaser or purchasers thereof. And finally to do any and every act in the premises that we would do were we prsent acting in our own proper person. Hereby ratifying all and every act of our said attorney done or to be done in the premises. In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hand and sufficent seals this ? day of ? A.D. 1850. Clinton Rutherford, Augustus Rutherford, Joseph Rutherford, James Rutherford, Robert Thaxton, Louisa Thaxton, Narcissa Jones, John Jones" (Signed & Sealed)
The following transcribed copies of original letters letters were sent to me (Don McKinney)in 1981 by James King of Gray, Tennessee & Dolores Rutherford of Carmichael, California. The owner of the original letters was Mrs Mae McCullough of Bulls Gap, Tennessee.

Letter from Jane (Marshall) Rutherford, mother of Narcissa Jones, to Farmer & Mary (Rutherford) Williams, of Bay Mount, Greene County, TN. Postmarked at Fort Smith, Arkansas:
"State of Arkansas, Sebastian County, March 14, 1852. Dear Sir, I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines which leaves us all in tolerable good health at present and hope that they may find you all enjoying the same great blessing. We all got out safe we was on the road 42 days. We lay some 3 or 4 days with sick horses and having waggon tire out though we all got out safe-our horses stood the trip fine. We all had a severe spell of sickness this fall, fever and plague though we are all well of them now except Calvin, he chills a little yet. James is dead. He died in Newton County, Misssouri with a conjestive chill. Grandmother Rutherford is dead. She died last June, was a year ago. Elliott says he wrote about her death. Some time ago there was a great deal of sickness in this country. Last summer and fall the cholera raged in this county. Last summer very severe. A great many died in Fort Smith and some in the country. Times is hard in this country. Bacon is worth from 12 1/2 cents to 15, Corn is 75 cents per bushel, oats 50 cents, horses and mules sell at a fair price, cows for $10.00 to $12.00 per head - Joseph Pulliam will be in Tenn. this spring and I will send my notes by him. I would be glad if you would have my money ready for me as I need it very bad to enter land though it is not due yet. I want you to write to me whether you have got the dower land or not and whether you sold the land on the deed of trust or not and got a write to it or not. I want you to write to me all about the times in that country and about the neighbors all. Matilda was married the 15th of January to a Mr John T. Shields, 1 1/2 miles from Van Buren. Mr Shields is a very fine young man of very good fortune. He had 320 acres of land 160 of it good river bottom and plenty of stock. The connection are all well in this part of the country. Your connection in Missouri were all well a short time ago when I wrote. Mr Ingle left the next week after Matilda was married and I have not saw him since. I heard he had started to Tenn. I want to know whether he has landed or not. Stock is doing fine now, the prairies are perfectly green the grass is 3 to 4 inches high now. Give our compliments to all enquiring friends if any and receive a due portion to yourselves. Write as soon as you can so I will now come to a close by saying I still remain yours affectionately, Jane Rutherford & family. To Farmer and Mary Williams."

(Don McKinney's note: This was Narcissa Jones' mother & widow of Benjamin Rutherford. After her husband died in 1849, Jane Rutherford applied for bounty land from her husband's War of 1812 service. She had requested a grant in Sebastian County, Arkansas. She settled there in 1851 with her younger children Matilda, John, Polly & Calvin. Jane's older children, including Narcissa, were Clinton, Joseph, James & Louisa Rutherford who had already moved to this area of Arkansas by 1843.) (br> *************************************************************************

Letter from Elliott Harrington Rutherford, nephew of Benjamin & Jane (Marshall) Rutherford, to his brother Joseph Berryhill Rutherford:
"March the 5th 1854 - Dear Brother. I take the present opportunity of writing to you to inform you that I am well at this time. Hoping that this fines Mary fine you al well. I have nothing of importance to rite to you. I wrote Samuel Crossier that I might be at Home this winter, But I cood not get of because the river is not fordible ?? so I have declined the idea of coming home until this fal. I have get in for to make a crop. Joseph Rutherford is in California working at 50 dollars a month. He rites that he is well satisfied. Polly Rutherford is yet single and is the same. Clinton Rutherfords wife is lying at the point of death. Calvin ses that the people like very much to see you. Clinton Rutherfords has 3 children (3 probably means 3d) born 3 weeks ago. - - - - - - - - I have rote several letters to you but received no news from you. I wish you to rite soon and tel me all the news that has taken place sinse I left. - - - - Maybe I will be back after a while to see hoo is left for me. I think the time long when I shall see you all. If anny person wishes a description of this country tell them to rite to me and I will describe it to them with the greatest of pleasure. I think that you are very dilitary about riting to me. I think that you ought to rite to me. Tel old Farmer Williams to rite to me and all of the balance of my connection to rite. I have rote several lettes to Rev. James Carter but never have received a letter from him since I left home. Tell Sister Mary Williams if she will rite to me that I will send her a present in the answer. Joseph-I want you to write soon as you get this letter direct your letter to Arkansas, Sebastian County, Greenwood postoffice. Nothing more at present but good morning. From Elliot H. Rutherford to Joseph Rutherford."

(Don McKinney's note: Elliot Harrington Rutherford, born 1832, was the son of Elliott Rutherford, Jr who was the brother of Benjamin Rutherford. Young Elliot H. Rutherford probably came to Arkansas with his Aunt Jane Rutherford in 1851. Jane was Benjamin's widow & Narcissa Jones' mother. Narcissa was Elliot's first cousin. Several of his uncles and his grandmother Ruth Rutherford had already settled in nearby Washington County, Arkansas by 1830. Elliott mentioned his first cousin Joseph (Narcissa's brother) who had gone to California in 1854. Joseph traveled to Butte County, California by horse drawn covered wagon along the Oregon Trail with his uncle Robert Rutherford (Benjamin's brother) of Washington County, Arkansas. This was Robert's second trip across the plains since he had originally gone there during the gold rush of 1849 but returned to Arkansas to pick up his family and outfit a return trip to California. Elliott also mentioned his other first cousins Clinton, Calvin & Polly(who married William Goode). These were Narcissa's siblings who, along with Narcissa and family, had settled in Arkansas by 1843. It seems very probable that young Elliott resided with these relatives while in Sebastian County. He also mentioned his sister Mary Williams, the wife of Farmer Williams, who remained in TN. Farmer Williams was a close family friend for both the Jones & Rutherford families and acted as the business agent for the family who had settled in Arkansas. A couple of years after his Aunt Jane died (abt 1853), Elliott went back to Greene County, TN where he married and died in 1886.)
The following pertains to Narcissa (Rutherford) Jones' Grandparents, Elliott & Ruth (Hayes) Rutherford:
From "Genealogical History of the Rutherford Family", Vol 1, pg 166, 1988, by Kenneth & Anna Rutherford
"John Rutherford was recommended for second Lieutenant 23 November 1779 in Capt. Reagan's company of militia in Rockingham County, Virginia. ELLIOTT, Joseph and Archibald Rutherford were also in Capt. Reagan's company of militia (Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlements in Virginia, vol 2, 1912, p 36)"
"Elliott Rutherford of Rockingham County, Virginia, sold land adjoining land of Archibald Cary, deceased, in Cumberland County, Virginia, 14 November 1796 through Robert Rutherford, his attorney-in-fact. (Letter written by Nancy Sevier Madden, 4 Apr 1967, Washington, DC)."
"Elliott was recommended for ensign 23 November 1779 in Capt. Reagan's company of Rockingham County, militia. Elliott's grandson, William Bright Rutherford, wrote a letter to George Ernest Rutherford, 9 September 1909: "I have always understood that my grandfather and grandmother were from Virginia. . . They raised a large family in Greene County, East Tennessee - eight boys, four girls - Benjamin, Elliott, Joseph, Samuel, James, Robert, William, Archibald, Polly, Ruth, Sarah, and Louisa."

(Don McKinney's Note: After Elliott Rutherford's death in 1826, his widow Ruth and sons James, Robert, Archibald, Samuel & daughter Polly Stout settled in Washington County, Arkansas in 1830. More from this Rutherford book below)

"Robert's brothers Samuel and James and their families, and his sister Mary and her husband Moses Stout left Tennessee in May 1830 and most of the trip was made by boat to Van Buren, Arkansas. They arrived at Cane Hill 3 June the same year, and were there in 1833 the year "the stars fell." Robert located in the Hogeye District of Washington County. Looking for still greener pastures, Robert moved his family in horse drawn wagons across the plains and mountains to Butte County, California, leaving Washington County, Arkansas, in the spring of 1854." ("Flashback", vol, 13, no 3, 1963, pg 5, Fayetteville, AR)

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