Richard McKenney

Richard McKenney

RICHARD McKENNEY (1787-1870)
LYDIA BRAWN (1795-1860's)

Married 20 Jan 1814 Vassalborough, Maine

(Donald Earl McKinney Jr)
These notes were compiled from material gathered since 1980 by personal research & correspondence. I am especially grateful to the following "cousins", whose research, photographs, stories & oral traditions, along with my own, helped us all gain a better understanding of our family heritage.
Mervil "Mac" McKenney of Jerome, Idaho
(A descendant of Richard & Lydia McKenney’s son Andrew Jackson McKenney)

Dorothy "Dotty" (McKenney) Chapman, Scarborough, Maine
(A descendant of Andrew Jackson McKenney’s brother Horace Sullivan McKenney, who left the Newport/Stetson area during the 1860's & settled in Bangor where he died.)

The late Ora Herbert McKenney Jr, who published “Many Maine McKenney Families”
(A descendant of Richard McKenney’s older brother George McKenney, who also settled in the Newport/Stetson area of Penobscot County, Maine) --------------------------------------

RICHARD McKENNEY (Robert, Robert, Robert, Robert, John Mackenny) was born 16 Jan 1787 in Scarborough(Cumberland) ME; died Abt 1870 in Stetson(Penobscot)ME. He was the son of Robert McKenney IV and Joanna "Hannah" Cummins. He married Lydia Brawn 20 Jan 1814 in Vassalborough, Maine. She was born Abt 1795 in Maine and died Bef. 1870 in Stetson(Penobscot)ME. The names of her parents are unknown.

Notes for Richard McKenney:
Ancestry: Scot
Burial: North Newport Cem
Occupation: Farmer
Religion: Congregational

ANCESTORS of Richard McKenney

Richard’s parents:
ROBERT McKENNEY IV, born 8 Oct 1759 in Scarborough(York) ME; died Bef. 1820 in Scarborough(Cumberland) ME. He was the son of Robert McKenney III and Jane Holmes. He married Joanna "Hannah" Cummins 17 Oct 1782 in Scarborough(Cumberland) ME.

Richard’s Grandparents:
ROBERT McKENNEY III, born 28 Feb 1728/29 in Scarborough(York) ME; died Bef. 1800 in Scarborough(Cumberland) ME. He was the son of Robert Mackenny II and Margaret Jameson. He married Jane Holmes 25 Feb 1750/51 in Scarborough(York) ME.

Richard’s Great Grandparents:
ROBERT MACKENNY II, born abt 1695/1700 in Scarborough(York) ME; died 6 Feb 1757 in Scarborough(York) ME. He was the son of Robert McKenney I and Rebecca Sparks. He married Margaret Jameson 1 Apr 1727 in Scarborough(York) ME.

Richard’s Great-Great Grandparents:
ROBERT MACKENNY I, born abt 1670 in Scarborough(York) ME; died 22 Jul 1725 in Scarborough(York) ME. He was the son of John Mackenny and Mrs John Mackenny. He married widow REBECCA SPARKS 1 Dec 1692 in Portsmouth NH.

Richard’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather, the Immigrant:
JOHN MACKENNY, born abt 1630 in Scotland; died April 1697 Ogunquit River (York) Maine. He married Unknown abt 1668 in Scarborough(York) ME.


1810 - Federal Census - Cumberland Co ME, Scarborough)
McKENEY, RICHARD 20011/11201
(Don’s note: Richard was unmarried at this time. His eldery parents, Robert & Hannah & younger siblings probably in household. Where is his older brother George?)

1816 - Voter&Tax List (Newport, Penobscot CoME)

1820 - Federal Census (Penobscot Co ME, Newport, Pg 091)
McKENNY, RICHARD 200010/30010
McKENNY, GEORGE 100010/20110 (Richard’s brother)

1830 - Federal Census (Penobscot Co ME, Newport Pg 490)
McKENNY, RICHARD 2011001/12101 (male 40-50)
(Richard & Lydia)
McKENNY, GEORGE 2001001/030101
McKENNY, HENRY 00101/20001 (male 20-30)
McKENNY, JONATHAN 00001/010000001 (male 20-30//female 60-70)
McKENNY, WM 120001/1001 (male 30-40)
(Don’s note: Richard’s brothers)

1837-1864StetsonPenobscotCoME(Voter&Tax Lists)

1840 - Federal Census (Penobscot Co ME, Stetson)
McKENNEY, RICHARD 13100001/0100001

(Penobscot Co ME, Newport)
McKENNEY, HENRY 100101/03101 (Richard's younger brother)
McKENNEY, WILLIAM 2011001/021001 (Richard's younger brother)

1850 - Federal Census (Penobscot Co, ME, Stetson)
Lydia 55 ME
Daniel 17

McKENNY, RICHARD 25 ME Laborer (son of Richard & Lydia)
Elizabeth 17
(Also enumerated later in Newport, see below)

McKINNY, THOS 37 ME Laborer (Oldest son of Richard & Lydia)
Hannah 41
Jackson 18, Rosetta 16, Julia C 9, Hannah J 5, James 3, Georgianna

1850 - Federal Census (Penobscot Co ME, Newport)
McKENNEY, HORACE 15 (son of Richard & Lydia) HH #179
(with Alfred W. Manson family)

McKINNEY, RICHARD 27 (son of Richard & Lydia) HH#191
Elizabeth J. 17
(Next to John Seavy family)

McKINNEY, SOLOMON 24 (son of Richard & Lydia) HH #192
Louisa 33

McKINNEY, A. 14 (Probably Andrew J. McKenney, youngest son of Richard & Lydia) HH #220
(with Olive Stuart family)

1860 - Federal Census (Penobscot Co ME, Stetson)
McKENNEY, RICHARD 69 Farmer ME (HH #590)
Lydia 64 ME
Horace 26

McKENNEY, WILLIAM 66 Farmer ME (HH 591)
Annie 55
John 19, Martin 22, Henry Berdy, Lettie Clarke 70
(Richard’s brother)

McKENNEY, RICHARD 34 Farmer ME (HH #582) (Richard & Lydia’s son)
Rebecca 30 (Richard’s 2d wife Louisa Rebecca)

McKENNEY, THOMAS 45 Farmer ME (HH #490) (Richard & Lydia’s son)
Hannah 46 ME
Andrew 28, Hannah 15, James 13, Georgianna 12

McKENNEY, SILAS 29 Farmer ME (HH #491) (Richard & Lydia’s son)
Rosette 26
Vernice 7

Child 1: Thomas McKenney//Born: Abt 1815 Newport(Penobscot) ME
Married: Hannah KIESER

Child 2: Sarah MCKENNEY//Born: Abt 1818 Newport(Penobscot) ME
Married: Thomas HINTON

Child 3: Mary S. MCKENNEY//Born: Abt 1820 Newport(Penobscot) ME
Married: Clement DANIELS

Child 4: Richard MCKENNEY, Jr//Born: Abt 1822 Newport(Penobscot) ME//Died: 9 Nov 1884 Stetson(Penobscot) ME
Married: Elizabeth SEAVEY(1)//Louisa Rebecca Poland?(2)

Child 5: Lydia McKENNEY//Born: 22 May 1824 Newport(Penobscot) ME//Died: 15 Jun 1890 Bangor ME
Married: Joshua BRACKETT

Child 6: Solomon MCKENNEY//Born: 11 Mar 1826 Newport(Penobscot) ME//Died: 31 Aug 1904 in Stetson/Newport, Maine
Married: Louisa SEAVEY

Child 7: Silas H. MCKENNEY//Born: Abt 1831 Newport(Penobscot) ME//Died: 12 Jul 1863 Hospital/Washington D.C
(Union soldier, died of his wounds)
Married: Rosetta KEIZER

Child 8: Jacob C. MCKENNEY//Born: Abt 1833 Newport(Penobscot) ME//Died: 3 Mar 1892 in Maine
Married: Louisa CLARK

Child 9: Daniel R. MCKENNEY//Born: Abt 1834 Newport(Penobscot) ME//Died: Abt 1864 Libby Prison, Richmond, VA
(Union soldier, Prisoner of Confederate Army)
Married: Eliza Ann COLE

Child 10: Horace Sullivan MCKENNEY//Born: 26 Jan 1837 Stetson(Penobscot) ME//Died: 21 Sep 1906 in Bangor, Maine
Married: Julia Anne KELLEY

Born: 10 Apr 1840 Stetson (Penobscot) Maine
Married: LOUISA GRACE RICHARDS About 1862 Kaneohe (Oahu) HAWAII
Died: 20 Sep 1878 Kaneohe (Oahu) HAWAII
Buried: Family Gravesite near Kaneohe

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