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Researcher: Donald Earl McKinney Jr
These notes were compiled from material gathered since 1978 by personal research & correspondence.



He most likely pronounced his name with a strong Gaelic accent, his name must have been very difficult to transcribe by the various records keepers in New England & Maine. It was "phonetically" spelled in the various records as Mackane, Mackeny, Mackshane, Mackshawine, Mackany, Machanny, Mechenne, Markany & in very few instances, such odd transcriptions such as Mackemich, Macham, Mackerral & Macrel. Based on DNA results, I no longer believe his name was derived from Mackenzie. It could have been derived from any similar sounding name, i.e. MacKinnon, Mackane, Mackean, etc.

The early records for Scarborough & southern Maine are quite sketchy but MOST records show that John of Scarborough was Mackenny with various phoenitcally transcribed versions & emphasis of a strong E or Y at the end of the name. He was Mackenny/Mackanny as early as 1665.

Sources: (1) Town Records (Scarborough Maine), vol. 1-2 (transcript) vol. 3 (original), 1681-1840: includes births, marriages, intentions of marriage, and deaths all prior to 1816. FHL US/CAN Film 12221 (1a) Torrey (2) Noyes, Libby, Davis p. 472-473 (3) Underhill p. 499 (4) Sylvester v. 3, p. 363 (5) Allen v. 4 p. 87; v 5 p. 245, 342 (6) A Story of Maine MeKenney Families o Herbert McKenney Jr., US/CAN 929.273 m199 McK McKenney + Sparks FGS (7) Sargent p. 602, 708 (8) IGI Records (9) Town and vital records, 1681-1893 (1908), Scarborough (Maine). Town Clerk (Main Author) Town records, vol. 1-2 (original), 1681-1816: includes births, marriages, intentions of marriage, and deaths all prior to 1816. -  FHL US/CAN Film [ 12224 ] (10) Saco Valley Settlements (Ridlon)


1652: JOHN MACKANE---a Scottish prisoner transported to Boston on the ship “John & Sarah” after the Battle of Worcester.
Suffolk County Deeds in Boston, Libre 1, Pages 5 & 6, dated 13 May 1652. This list was later printed in the 1847 publication New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol 1 pages 377-380 entitled "Scotch Prisoners sent to Massachusetts in 1652 by order of the English Government"
Carl Boyer's "Ship Passenger Lists, National & New England(1600-1825":
Samuel Gardner Drake "Result of Some Researches among the British Archives for information relative to the Founders of New England; made in the Years 1858, 1859, & 1860."
Col. Charles Edward Banks "Scotch Prisoners Deported to New England by Cromwell, 1651-52" on the fate of the deported Scots which was published in "Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings," Volume 61 [1928].
Michael Tepper makes the following observation in his book, New World Immigrants, page 150. "This list is not to be accepted as a true record of their correct names. - - - -many puzzles left by the scribe in his attempts to spell out Clan names of Gaelic origin, spoken in a dialect that defied reproduction in English- --and as a result their names have undergone curious transformations."

1653: JOHN MACKSHANE was listed on the Saugus Iron Works inventory near Boston where he was serving 7 year indenture.
National Park Service, "An Incomplete List of Scottish Prisoners of War Sent to New England in 1650
“Scots at Hammersmith” by Stephen P. Carlson
(Don’s note: Many researchers believe this John Mackshane is the same individual listed as John Mackane (mentioned above) who was transported to Boston in 1652 on the John & Sarah after the Battle of Worcester. It seems likely Scots from both the battles of Dunbar & Worcester worked at the various Iron Works near Boston)

1653:JOHN MACKSHAME was fined for two oaths at salem court 30:4:1:1653 ( probably mass hist coll)

1659:JOHN MACHAM (Macchan) of Scarboro was drunk & fighting with Duncan Chisholm.
(Identified as John Mackenny (McKenney) & Duncan Chessmore according to “Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire” by Noyes, Libby, Davis)

1663: John Makshawne & Samuell Cheever witnessed a deed of 100 acres of “upland & meddowe” between Richard Foxwell Senr in “ ye Towne of Scarborough alis Blew Point“ & Christopher Peckett --23d of February 1663
(York Deeds Vol 2 pg 54-55)
(“Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire” indicates this was "John McKenney" )

1665: JOHN MECHANNY of the Saco area was sued for debt by Kenny Mechanny of Boston.
(Maine Province and Court Records, 2:207--7 Nov 1665)

1668: ">JOHN MACKENNY leased fourteen acres from Joshua Scottow in Black Point, Scarborough, Maine.
“Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire” by Noyes, Libby, Davis: In 1675 (deed antedated to 1 Aug 1668) Joshua Scottow confirmed to him 14 a. at Black Point, 1 a. of it adj. to his home -
"Descendants of Edward Small & Allied Families" by Lora A.W. Underhill

1668: Joshua Scottow conveyed land at "Blacke Poynt- - -bounded on the west with Christiphr Peckitt's & JOHN MACKANNY's line."
(York County Deeds, Book 4, Page 40, dated 1 Aug 1668)

1680: JOHN MACKERALlisted on Major Shapleigh’s Petition to the council in London.
(“Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire” by Noyes, Libby, Davis)
(Don’s note: n was probably written or transcribed as r)

1673:"JOHN MACKANNY purchased from Robert Jordan a tract of land on the Nonsuch River near Chessemores Hill.
(York County Deed records, Book 4, dated 12 Jan 1673)

1676: --“Scottow was very angry with MACKSHAWINEfor saying that Captaine Winscoll & his company were all cutt off, telling him though some might be killed and the rest ffled yet it might be to gain y advantage of ground as it proved---”. From Bodges “Soldiers in King Phillips War” pg 334

1676: JOHN MAKENNY signed a petition in October 1676 circulated among the settlers of Scarborough defending Capt Scottow who was under some local criticism concerning his actions during the Indian wars of that area. From Bodges "Soldiers in King Phillips's War" pg 334.

1676: Nov 19, 1676 "drove cattle forJOHN MACSHAWINinhabitant of Sacho" journal of Capt. Joshua Scottow. From Bodges “Soldiers in King Phillips War” pg 331

1677: "JOHN MARKANY was listed on a roster dated Sep 1677 as among those credited with active service under Captain Scottow at the Black Point garrison.
(Bodges “Soldiers in King Phillips War” pg 339)

1677: JOHN MECHENNE of Blackpoint appears on a casualty list of those who were injured & killed after an Indian attack at Moore’s Creek. He was shot through the breast & back and was sent back to Salem where his family waited for him. There they stayed until the town paid to have them returned to Black Point in 1679.
(Salem Town Records, 4 Jul 1677)
(From “Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire” by Noyes, Libby, Davis- - - - As a refugee Salem aided him in 1677-8 and paid in 1679 for carrying the fam. to Black Point, where in 1681 he had a goodly amt. of livestock.” )
The Battle at Moore’s Brook, Scarborough, Maine, June 29, 1677 by Sumner Hunnewell)>

1677:JOHN MACKENE was still residing in Salem in December of 1677 & was mentioned in a court record, along with several other males & 1 female who were all drunk, quarreling & fighting. Mackene being struck twice & his name was spelled 4 different ways in this rercord--Mackene, Meckene, Mekene, Makene.
(From the files of the Salem Commissioners' court, Dec 5 1677, at Salem)

1681 22 Sept Jo. Markenney listed as resident of Scarborough. (2) [ 12224 ] p. 29

1681: JOHN MACRELL was listed on Scarborough Tax List of 28 Nov 1681 Town Book P.
(Noyes, Libby & Davis book suggests this was John McKenney)

1683: JOHN MACKANNY was mentioned on a deed at Black Point, Scarborough dated 18 Dec1683 concerning Elisha Hutchinson of Boston & the heirs of Mehetabell Warren.
(“Maine Historical & Genealogical Recoder“ Vol 7, pg 80)

1690: JOHN MACKENNY & his family evidently moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire during King William’s War. Indian attacks had again become overwhelming & all settlers were forced to move to the relative safety of New Hampshire, Massachusetts or other areas in southern Maine.
(From "History of Scarborough"----“In 1690, the town was abandoned due to Native American uprisings, with inhabitants going to Portsmouth and other settlements further south.”
Underhill, pg 497: 'The destruction of Falmouth May 15, 1690, was the signal for a general retreat of the inhabitants of Scarborough & they wisely resolved to save their lives by flight. A letter from Portsmouth, NH under the date of May 22, 1690, stated that three or four hundred people, mostly women & children, had arrived in that town from the settlements along the Maine coast."

1692: While in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, John’s son, ROB: MAC-KENNEY married widow REBEC: SPARKES Dec. 1, 1692.
(From "Dover, New Hampshire V ital Records, 1686-1850" Dover Historical Society--Marriages by Rev. John Pike 1686-1709)

1693: From York Deeds Nov 1693 book X fol. 74--deed description "Some part of ye land os ye sd Hickson and some part upon the land of John Mackemeck otherwise called John Mackerill"

1693: The entire family moved to Wells (York County) Maine where Robert & Rebecca’s first 2 children were born.

1690’s: While residing in the Wells or Kittery area: "Wee present ROBERT MACKENY for not frequenting the public worship of God. ...
ROB MAKENY appearing to answer his presentment for not frequenting the public worship of God is for his offense admonished and to pay fees of Court 6s. ...
1696/7 Wells: REBECKAH MACKANNEY the wife of ROBERT MACKANNEY for not frequenting public worship of God upon the Lords Day."
(York Co Deeds, Vol 5 by Maine Historical Society)
(Allen., "Province and Court Records of Maine", York County, Maine)

1697: While in the Wells, Maine area, JOHN MACKANAY drowned in the Ogunquit River.
(Coroner’s Report in the Court Records (Wells, York County, ME, April 1697)

1698: Robert was in Boston per Noyes, Libby, Davis

1700: ROBERT & REBECCA’s son ROBERT was born ca 1700 in Wells or Kittery, York County, Maine, where the family resided during this time.

1702-1703: ROBERT I---returned to Scarborough during the 2d settlement to claim his father JOHN‘s estate. His wife & children would have remained in the relative safety of Kittery, perhaps Portsmouth, NH.
("Descendants of Edward Small & Allied Families" by Lora Underhill pg 343--"Robert McKenney, the only son to John McKenney of whom we have authentic information, was married in 1692, at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to the widow Rebecca Sparks. He is said to have returned to Scarborough at the time of the second settlement of the town, and to have taken possession of his father's estate on the Nonsuch River; but the precise date of this settlement is unknown. Some place it in the fall of 1702, or the spring following.)

1703: If ROBERT I---was indeed in Scarborough for the 2d settlement, he & the other men abandoned the town again for another dozen or so years because of Indian hostilities. ROBERT would have returned to Kittery or Portsmouth area where his family still resided.

1705: Robert was in Sagamore Creek per Noyes, Libby, Davis

1707 : Robert was in Kittery per Noyes, Libby, Davis
(Descendants of Daniel (unrelated) from Kittery have original documentation that places Robert on the North Side of Spruce Creek in Kittery in 1707, 1714.

1720: ROBERT MACKENNY I---moved his family back to Black Point, Scarborough after Indian hostilities temporarily ceased. In 1720, Town meetings were reestablished, roads were laid out, a church organized, a school master hired, and forts and garrison houses were built nearer together. 1720: ROBERT MACKENY appeared on a list of Scarborough proprietors dated 22 June 1720.

1714 The estate of Joseph Wilson on page 46 a debt owed to Robert Mocaney ( and others) in 1714.
1717 Robert’s daughter Hannah marries Robert Foye from No. Spruce Creek, Kittery.
1718 October 1 1718 to October 1 1719 Robert rents a house in Portsmouth from John Hinckes.

1718: Robert was in York per Noyes, Libby, Davis

1718: Robert Mackeeny (Makonney) did inventory for estate of Joseph Whinnick (Winnock) of Blackpoint. 25 Mar 1718)

1720 Kittery: "Wee present Robert Mackeny for not frequenting the public worship of God." Rob Makeny appearing to answer his presentment for not frequenting the public worship of God is for his for his offense admonished and to pay fees of Court 6 s." (5) (6)

1720 In the Fall - Court action against Robert McKenny for debt in Kittery. Robert appears a couple of times as owner of sawmills, and the lawsuit might be related. (2) (6) (10)

1720/21: Robert MacKiny sworn for tiding man (thithing man?) 20 Mar 1720 Town Meeting. .

1721-22: ROBARD MACKENY selected as Tiding man as entered in the Scarborough Town Records.

1722: ROBARD MACKNY, JUNER , & his brother JOHN, both sons of Robert & Rebecca, had their "creature marks" described in Scarborough Town Records: "His [John's] creturs mark, a swalors tail in the top of the right ears, and a hapenny cut out of the same one the underside of the same ear..." and "Creturs mark of Robard Mackny juner, a halpenny cut out of the left eare and a splet in the underside of the right." Entered 10, March 1722.

1722 Robard Mackiny his creature’s mark 10 May 1722 (2) 12224 p. 265.

1724 The death of Rebacakuk Mackiny the 19th day of April 1724, the wife of Robard Mackiny. (1) 12221 p. 292

1724: ROBERT MACKENNY I---His wife Rebecca died in Scarborough 19 April 1724, the day after being wounded in an Indian attack.
("Descendants of Edward Small & Allied Families" by Lora Underhill)

1724:ROBERT MCKANNY , a son of Robert & Rebecca, appeared on a military list, sworn to at Falmouth, May 28, 1724, of men in service at Scarborough under Sergeant Nathan Knight, He was "reported taken from Hilton's (garrison) September 13, (1723) and served until May 28, 1724." The following year he enlisted June 1, in the company of Captain John Gray, of which Nathan Knight was Sergeant, and served until November 22, a period of twenty-five weeks." *
From "Descendants of Edward Small & Allied Families" by Lora Underhill, pg 343-344

1725 The death of Robard Markiny, widower, July the 22 day anno domini 1725. (2) 12224 p. 238.
1726 Robard Mackiny and Henry Mackiny sworn for field drivers. 22 Mar 1726 12221 p. 135

1725: ROBERT I---died in Scarborough 22 Jul 1725
(Scarborough Town Records)
("Descendants of Edward Small & Allied Families" by Lora Underhill show his death date as 23 Sep 1725, a date they evidently referenced from Ridlon's book which is an error.)

1727 Robert Mekeney and Margret Jennison published their intentions to marrie April 1 1727. (1) 12221 p. 314.

1726 Robard Mackiny and Henry Mackiny chosen as field drivers 22 March 1726 (1) 12221 p. 65

1727:ROBERT MACKENNY II , son of Robert & Rebecca, married MARGARET JAMESON in Scarborough 1 Apr 1727.
(Scarborough Town Records)

1731 Robert Mckeney and Margret his wife first son Robert born 28 Feb 1728/1729; the second son William born 24 May 1730. (2) 12224 p. 242.

ROBERT II & MARGARET’s son ROBERT III, was born 28 Feb 1728/29 in Scarborough
(Scarborough Town Records)

1730-1743: ROBERT & MARGARET MACKINNEY(Robert II) had their children baptized.
> (Baptisms of the First Congregational Church of Scarborough)
Children of Robert & Margaret MACKINNEY
June 14, 1730 - Robert & William MACKINNEY
May 6, 1733 - Mary
Apr 1, 1736 - Jane
Jan 7, 1739 - Hannah
Jul 4, 1743 - Rebecca

1738 Robt McKiney surveyer of highway & John McKeney cosen as hog reves 19 Mar 1738/39 (1) 12221 p. 134/135 1739 Robert McKeny chofe (chosen) surveyer of highway & John McKeney chofen as hogreaves 7 Mar 1739/40 (2) 12224 p108/109.

29 Oct 1735--ROBERT MACKENNY (Robert II) purchased land in Black Point, Scarborough from Joseph Poak
30 Oct 1735---ROBERT MACKENNY (Robert II) witnessed deed from Joseph Poak to Paul Thompson---signed ROBERT X MACKENY
(From York County, Maine Deeds, Vol 17)

1748/1749 Robert Mikeney chosen as field driver and fence viewer (1) 12224 p. 126 (1) 12221 p. 152 1755 17 Mar Richard Kiney chosen as selectman; Robert McKiney chosen as tithingman (1) 12221 p. 166 1755 7 Mar 1755 Robert McKeney chosen tythingman. (2) 12224 p. 149/150. 1763 15 Mar Allowance voted for Robert McKeaney “for what he did to Avery” (1) 12221 p. 187

1751:-ROBERT McKENNEY (Robert III) married JANE HOLMES 25 Feb 1751 in Scarborough

1757: ROBERT II died 6 Feb 1757 in Scarborough
(Scarborough Town Records)

1759: ROBERT McKENNEY, (Robert IV), a son of ROBERT III & JANE was born 8 Oct 1759 in Scarborough
(Scarborough Town Records)

1779: McKENEY, ROBERT, Scarborough. Private. Capt. Benjamin Larrabe's co., Col. Mitchel's Regt.; marched July 9, 1779; discharged Sept. 12, 1779; service, 2 mos. (Probably Robert IV)
(From "Massachusetts Soldiers & Sailors in the American Revolution")

1782:- ROBERT McKENNY JUN (Robert IV) and JOANNA CUMMINS were married 17 Oct 1782 in Scarborough

1787: RICHARD McKENNEY, a son of ROBERT IV & JOANNA was born 16 Jan 1787 in Scarborough (Scarborough Town Records)

1790: Federal Census (Cumberland Co ME, Scarborough)
McKENNY, MARG 0/0/1 (Margaret Jameson b:1703--Widow of Robert IV)
McKENNY, ROBT 1/1/2 ((Robert III b:1729 & Jane Holmes)
McKENNY, ROBT JR 1/3/3 (Robert IV b:1759 & Hannah Cummins)

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