(Transcribed from copy of original by Don McKinney. Original in possession of John W. Yates' descendant Mary Yates Villeret of St Charles MO)

Margaret Ann (Delaney) Yeates wrote to her son John Wesley Yeates during the Civil War, about 1864. He was serving with the 10th TN Infantry, Union army.
"July 22 State of Tennessee. HardenCty.
Dear Son, I take the present oppertunity of riting a few lines to you to let you know that we are well at present hoping these few lines may find you well. We have nothing good to rite to you - the rebels are passing threw evry day or two going to out towards lexington-they have takin the last hors John dickson had and all that John ray had and isac kanadys two. They have taking all the good horses get hands on picking up all the men thet had been out on either side-we have escapt so fare mity well. They have never ben her yet. Tom brown is out with they garrilers and Jas ellet Jim Kanady and shade. There has a good menny moved to illinois and severls others talking of going. Crops are indiferent here - ther has ben two mutch rain. Henry has two acres of right pretty cotton some right good corn consideren the wet wether. he has made his crop with the colt. He plowes fine. We are getting a long verry well consideren they have had to bush so much. Henry is going with slicks thrash a while. Yore gran maw has ben staying with us this sumer. Yore uncle Rufus folks is well. Sams folk is well. Loftons folks is only tolarabel. Caroline is not well. Robert moved to the obine (Obion River ?). Wesley braishers is in hursts reightment (regiment). they moved to ligraing (LeGrange). Mathew has ben at home all sumer. When they moved he was not able to go. We have got no letters since he come home. I got yore likeness that Sally Willis brought. I got it the 21 of July. I was in hops when I heard of it that we would get a letter. the rest of the boys sent letters with there likness. They got thers a month ago. henry heard the she had a letter and likness and went to see. He dident find Sally. Mrs Mcbride said she did not think that se brought arry won. John I want you to rite to us. direct youre letter to Capton gaudy on the gun boat. I am a going to try to see him. rite evry chance you have. so nothing more at present but remain youre loving mother until death. Margaret A. Yeates to John W. Yeates. July 26"

(Donís Note: Margaret signed her name as Yeates, the original spelling. She mentioned her brothers Rufus,Sam & Lofton Delaney. Brother Josephus "Joe" served with the 7th TN Cavalry, Union army. Margaret mentioned her brother Lofton's wife Caroline being very ill. Caroline died in 1865 & Lofton later married Martha Rice. Sally Willis was Margaret's sister. Margaret also mentioned the fact that John W.'s grandmother was living with them. This was Ruth (Sherrill) Delaney, since the other grandmother Arrilla Yeates was deceased in 1808. Isaac Kennedy, who Margaret mentioned, was her first cousin, son of her aunt Jane who married Hugh Kennedy in Greene County, TN)

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