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From the Clan MacKenzie Society
MacKenney is a Sept of the Clan MacKenzie of Scotland
The name MacKenzie, or MacCoinneach in Gaelic, means literally, "Son of Kenneth." The original Kenneth lived in the 13th Century and was descended from a younger son of Gilleoin of the Aird, from whom can also be traced the once powerful Earls of Ross.

From the Clan MacKenzie Society of UK: "- - - - - Coinneach MacCoinneach (Kenneth son of Kenneth), 3rd Baron of Kintail, became corrupted in English into MacKenzie (pronounced: MacKenny) and hence arose all the families of MacKenzie in Scotland. The name "MacKenzie" therefore coming from the Gaelic: "MacCoinneach" meaning: "Son of the Fair One".

From Scots Kith & Kin, page 71: "MacKenzie. Perhaps like the MacKays and MacLeans, one of the old transplanted tribes from Moray, though firmly rooted in Ross-shire ever since, this clan took their name MacKenny or MacKenzie after a 13th-century chief Kenneth, descended from Colin of the Aird who was ancestor also to the Celtic earls of Ross."

Several publications also have listed McKenney/McKinney as septs of the Clan MacKinnon of Scotland. Charles R. MacKinnon of Dunakin, Skye, Scotland was the author of several books concerning Scottish heraldry, and included a history of the MacKinnon family. He corresponded for several years with Pat Kirkwood, Editor of the McKinney Maze. The following are excerpts from one of his letters dated 1983:
"About the McKinneys, as I explained, I myself used to list them as a clan sept of the MacKinnons, assuming that is was a normal Anglicised distortion of MacKinnon, and it was the late Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, Lord Lyon King of Arms, and a real expert on clans, who pulled me up for it. According to him it is a variation of MacKenzie. MacKenzie derives from MacCoinnich which some authorities give as a 'son of the fair' incidentally, which is also the meaning of MacKinnon. - - - - -Apart from accepting Sir Thomas's scholarship as far superior to my own, I was struck by how obviously MacCoinnich would Anglicise into MacKinney. So since Sir Thomas gave me his advise, I have dropped MacKinney from my pesonal list of MacKinnon sept names.

From Swyrich Web Site:
Mackenny is a Sept of the Clan MacKenzie

From Black's "The Surnames in Scotland": "MacKenzie. - - - The English form of the name is interesting as preserving the medieval Gaelic pronunciation of the genitive, which in early Irish is Cainnigh, pronounced 'Cainny'.- - - "