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Joseph & Permelia East
JOSEPH EAST 1807-1840ís

Married 5 Mar 1828 Madison County, Illinois

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Permelia (Cason) East
(Mother of Rev Martin Alonzo East of Sebastian County, Arkansas)
Abt 1860

Donald Earl McKinney Jr
These notes were compiled from material gathered since 1980 by personal research & correspondence. I am especially grateful to the following "cousins" whose records, photographs, stories & oral traditions, along with my own, helped us all gain a better understanding of our East family heritage. This material concerns Joseph & Permelia (Cason) East, the parents of our ancestor Rev Martin Alonzo East of Sebastian County, Arkansas.
The late Juanita Greenfield of Fort Smith, AR, Doris Wilson of Wichita KS, Debbie East of Tulsa OK
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If these notes, excerpts or photos are copied, shared with others, published or displayed on the internet, it will be appreciated that proper genealogical etiquette be observed, acknowledging the compiler. Any "legitimate" additions or corrections, etc.will also be greatly appreciated.


Joseph East was born about 1807 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He was the son of James & Mary "Polly" (Edwards) East who left Henry County in southern Virginia during the late 1780's and settled on Little Indian Creek of Wilkes County, Georgia, later to become a part of Oglethorpe County.

As an infant, Joseph traveled with his parents and grandparents to the Red River area of northern Robertson County, Tennessee. They resided there until 1817, when Joseph's father brought the family to Madison County, Illinois, settling in the Silver Creek area north of Highland. Joseph had older brothers named, Henry T., Hardman E.W., James, Josiah? & younger brothers William, Marshal A. & Matthew G. His sisters were Nancy & Ann Elizabeth.

Joseph married Permelia Cason 5 March 1828, the daughter of Hillery & Mary (Smith) Cason, who left Screven County, GA during the 1820's and settled near the East family in Illinois. Joseph's parents died during the 1830's, probably buried somewhere in a family plot on their farm. This burial site has never been located.

Joseph died at an early age of unknown causes during the 1840's. His widow Permelia and young children, Calvin, Martin Alonzo & Mary Melissa all left Illinois with Permelia's parents Hillery & Mary Cason & her brother Martin Cason, settling near Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas. A "family tradition" as related by Joseph's son Rev Martin A. East in his biography, suggests that his father Joseph died in the spring of 1839 when Martin was about 3 months old, with Martin moving to Independence Co Ark that same year with his mother & uncle Martin Cason.

However Joseph & his family appeared on the 1840 census for Madison County, residing near his brothers William & James East, sister Nancy Howard, as well as his wife Permelia's father Hillery and her brother Martin Cason. Joseph later moved his family to an area in township 6 North Range 10 West, which is several miles northwest of his father's land & was enumerated on the 1845 state census in that township. It seems likely that Joseph died during the 1840's when Martin was about 5 or 6 years old & the family left for Independence Co Ark about that time. Tax & land records reveal that uncle Martin Cason made several trips to Independence County, Arkansas during the 1830's & 1840's.
(Note: Rev Martin Alonzo East also mentions in his autobiograpy, uncles Henry, James, William & Josiah East who were sons of James & Mary East.)
13 Jun 1829 - Madison Co IL (Circuit Court Records, Book E)
JOSEPH EAST indicted for Assault & Battery by the State of Illinois.
Found GUILTY by Jury.

1830 - Federal Census (Madison Co IL, Silver Lake Twp)
JAMES EAST (001200001-00100001) Pg179
JOSEPH EAST (00001-0001) Pg178
HILLERY CASON (20111001/1111001)pg178
MARTIN CASON (son of Hillery)
DENNIS CASON (brother of Hillery)

1835 CASON MARTIN Independence County AR 001 Ruddell Township Tax List
1838 CASON MARTIN Independence County AR 020 No Township Listed Tax list
(Don's Note: Martin Cason returned to Madison Co IL by 1840, then back to Arkansas during 1840's)

1840 - Federal Census (Highland Precinct, Madison Co IL)
JOSEPH EAST 120001-10001 pg 72 (Died 1840ís)
(Widow Permelia moved to Independence Co Ark 1840ís)

WILLIAM EAST 10011-10001001 pg 72 (Younger brother of Joseph East)
(Mother Mary ďPollyĒ probably residing with William)
(William moved to Titus County, northeast Texas about 1845)

JAMES EAST 000011-011001 (Older brother of Joseph) pg 72
(James settled in Montgomery County, southeast Kansas during the 1860ís)

1840 - Federal Census (Madison Co IL, Marine Twp, Pg 080)
MATTHEW EAST 00001-00010001 (Joseph Eastís younger brother) Pg 80
(Moved to northern Hancock County, Illinois (near Iowa) 1840ís)

JOHN HOWARD 111001/111001 Pg 078 (Josephís sister Nancy East)
(The widowed Nancy remarried in Henderson Co IL & moved to Pierce Co Wisconsin 1850ís)

MARTIN CASON 00001/12001 (Permelia Eastís brother) Pg 073
(Moved to Independence Co Ark 1840ís)

HILLARY CASON 011110001/00110001 (Permelia Eastís father) Pg 079
(Moved to Independence Co Ark 1840ís)
(Donís note: The Casons & Permelia East were all still in Illinois during the 1840 census)

1840 - Federal Census (Washington Co IL)
HENRY EAST 00212001-00010001 Pg 229 (Oldest brother of Joseph East)
ANDREW M EAST 20001-10001 ........ JAMES EAST 00001-00001 Pg 229 (sons of Henry)

1840 - Federal Census (Scott Co IA, Pg 490)
HARDMAN EAST 000001-010001 (Older brother of Joseph East)
(Crossed the Oregon Trail to Portland Oregon 1852)

1845 - Madison Co IL (State Census)
JOSEPH EAST L(1m -10//1m 10-20//1m 30-40/////1f -10/1f 30-40)
More About Joseph East
Ancestry: English
Occupation: Farmer
Residence1: Oglethorpe Co GA (1807-1809)
Residence2: Robertson Co TN (1809-1817)
Residence3: Madison Co IL(1817-1845)

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Notes for Permelia Cason

Permelia Cason was born 1812 in Screven County, Georgia, the daughter of Hillery & Mary (Smith) Cason who left Pitt County, North Carolina about 1794 with Hillery's parents, Hillery & Sarah Cason Sr, settling on the Savannah River in Screven County, GA. They were farmers and slave owners in both NC & GA. Her grandfather Cason served with the NC militia during the Revolutionary War. Permelia's father served in the War of 1812 while in Georgia.

During the 1820's, when Permelia was still a child, she journeyed with her parents across the wilderness of northern GA, Tennessee and Kentucky to Madison County, Illinois. They settled in the Silver Creek area near the East family. Permelia married Joseph East 5 Mar 1828 and had 3 children, Calvin, Martin Alonzo & Mary Melissa. When Permelia's husband Joseph died during the 1840's, she took her 3 young children and joined her parents for another long journey to northeast Arkansas, settling near Batesville, Independence County. Several of her brothers & their families, including older brother Martin Cason & younger brothers Hillery III, & Simeon Cason also made the journey.

In 1850, Permelia married Dr John Morris, who became the step-father of her children. Permelia's parents died during the late 1850's and Permelia herself died shortly before the beginning of the Civil War. Their burial places are unknown. About 2 years after her death, her oldest son Calvin East was killed in Murphreesboro, TN while serving with the Confederate Army under General Bragg. Permelia's son Martin Alonzo East, who had become an ordained Methodist minister and circuit rider had joined the Union Army & later settled in Sebastian County, Arkansas. His step-father Dr John Morris later joined him there. Permelia's daughter Mary Melissa East married John Gilbert Chipman & both died during the Civil War.
1850 - Federal Census (Fam #981, Ruddel Twp, Independence Co AR)
MORRIS, JOHN, age 47 born NJ,Physician, $2600 Land
PERMELIA, age 38, born GA
Alonzo 11 born IL///Mary M 11born IL

EAST, CALVIN, age19, born IL, Plasterer(Fam#152,Batesville,IndependenceCo AR)
(With Uncle Hillery & Delila Cason)

1860 - Federal Census (Rust, Gainsboro Twp, Independence Co AR)
MORRIS, JOHN, age 56, born NJ (6000/2000)
PERMELIA, age 47, born GA
Margaret M, age 9, born AR
(Note: Can't find M.A. East on any Census for 1860 ???)

EAST, CALVIN, age 25, born IL, Farming (Pg 3, Batesville, Ruddel Twp)
w/JohnBassiere fam
More About Permelia Cason
Ancestry: English
Residence 1: Bet. 1812 - 1828, Screven Co GA
Residence1 2: Bet. 1828 - 1845, Madison Co IL
Residence 3: Bet. 1845 - 1860, Independence Co AR

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Children of Joseph & Permelia (Cason) East:

Born: 1834 Madison County, IL///Died: 31 Dec 1862 Murphressboro TN(CivilWar)
Married: Ann Elizabeth Soward 20 Feb 1861 in Independence Co AR

Born: 10 Jan 1839 Highland(Madison) IL///Died: 23 Jan 1913 Auburn(Sebastian) AR
Married: Eliza Harriet Jones 3 Feb 1862 in Sebastian Co AR

Born: 10 Jan 1839 Highland(Madison) IL///Died: About 1861 Gainsboro(Independence) AR (possibly buried in Haddock Cemetery)
Married: John G. Chipman 8 Dec 1859 Independence Co AR who was killed during the Civil War

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