(Transcribed from copies of originals by Don McKinney)
Enoch Marion Jonesís brother Rev. John Henry Jones, who resided in Newton County, Arkansas, wrote letters to wife Marthaís mother, Margaret (Delaney) Yeates & brother John W. Yates in Saltillo, Hardin County, Tennessee. Enochís wife Mariah Elizabeth was the sister of Martha Jones & John W. Yates (Originals in possession of John W. Yates' descendant Mary Yates Villeret of St Charles MO)

"State of Arkansas, Newton Co, Jasper PO Augt 8 1869
Dear mother an brother an friends. I take mi pen in han to rite you a few lines to let you now that I am alive an living at the same place where i first settle an i dont now whether I will every move or not. I got a leter from Marrey the other day. She did rite back she wod mov out hear. John you hav quit riting to us. I want you to rite just as this comes to Han. I havnt got mutch to rite this time but I wood be glad to hear from you all. Times is very good hear concidern our taxes hear. John you have promist to come out hear from time to time now till me the truth whether you in tend to come or not an if you will Rite to me - the truth . So no thing more at present but Remain your children an brother untill Deth. Ezccuse my bad Riting an spelling. John H. Jones an Famley, Rite, Rite Margt A. Yeates, John W. Yeates "

(Don's Note: John H. Jones mentions his sister Mary (Jones) Warren who actually did make the move from Decatur County, TN to Franklin County, Arkansas during the early 1870's, where John himself moved after his wife Martha's death about 1875. John H. Jones & his 2d wife settled in nearby Madison County, during the 1880ís, but his sons Albert & James Jones returned to Newton County during this time)

(Letter from Martha (Yeates) Jones to her mother Margaret Yeates & brother John Wesley Yates in Saltillo, TN. Martha was the sister of Mariah Elizabeth (Yeates) Jones):
State of Arkansas, Nuton Co Jasper PO 8 Aug 1869.
Dear mother an brother i set my self down to drop you a few lines to let you now that we are all well at this tim dowin vary well considdering this war an to hop that this will com to hand in dou tim an find you all well an dowing well at this tim. an enjoying the sam blessing of God. John i recived your las letter last winter i hav rot you tow letters an reciv none yet i dou think you might rit to us sometim. When this letter come to hand if you dont rit i will not rit to you any more till you rite to me. the times is veary dull hear for we havnt had no rain hear in for weeks. crops is vary dull cofee is 3 pound to the dollar calico is from 15 cents a yards to 20 cents. everthing So unpropotion meeting times is vary dull her.
i want to see you all mity bad John i want you to com an see us if you can an i want you to rite. Which won of the Mongomrey is your wife father you never rot the name of him. enoch an famly is all well at this tim an elizbeth has got a boy an thay cal his name Wiliam enoch. Thay are mity proud of him. excouz my bad riting an spelling so i must coum to a cloz so nothing more at present but remain your children untill deth. rite. Martha A E Jones

(Donís Note: Martha mentioned the newborn baby boy of her sister Elizabeth. This was my Great Grandfather, Dr William Enoch Jones, the son of Enoch & Mariah Elizabeth (Yeates) Jones. He was born 1869 near Jasper, Newton County, Arkansas and moved with his parents to Sebastian County the next year)

(Letter written by the oldest son of Rev John H. & Martha(Yeates) Jones to his uncle John W. Yates of Saltillo, TN)

"Albert Wesley Jones January the 26, 90
State of Arkansas County of Newton
Mr John Yats Dear unkle and ant and family it is one more time that i will try to drop you a few lines to let you now i am in the land of the living this leaves us all well at present Well unkle John I have rot several letters to you and i cant git no answer i got a card 5 years ago from you and i lost it and I rot to uncle Enoch and ant Elisabeth and they sed they was not giting no leters from you. So i pict up corige and rot this letter to you I wont rite much till i can git an answer from you i want you to rite to me soon
Well unkle I want you to rite all the nuse i will answer all your letters Paw was hear last weak he lives in Materson co they were all well times is hard hear coton is not good it has Bin too wet Well unkle John i live in 4 miles of the old place wer Maw Died on the mountain us childern has s?terd? a rite smart Maw yongest girl is maried an lives in site? of us she maried a pension man he draws 75 dolars a month corn is plenty hear meet is 2 cents a pound hog? & beef I want you to rite just as soon as you git this and lit me now wher you are and i will rite a following letter and rite all the nuse. A.W. Jones and family to John Yats and family."

(Don's Note: He mentioned his uncle Enoch & Elizabeth Jones & the fact his father moved to Madison County, Arkansas. He also mentioned that he lived 4 miles from "the mountain" where his mother Martha died. Albert, his brother James & other siblings had moved back to Newton County from Franklin County during the 1880's when their father moved on to Madison County. During this time they resided near Wayton & Parthenon. Both Albert & James also eventually moved to Madison County a few years after the turn of the century. Their brother Enoch Joseph (named after his uncle) married Samantha Hudson & died about 1908 near Parthenon. Supposedly he was buried in Union Hill Cemetery near the Hudson & Henderson families, however there is no visible marker. His widow married a Henderson)

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