JOHN ERR OWEN 1816-1886

Married 7 Nov 1843 Tippah County, Mississippi

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Margaret Elizabeth Owen
(Mother of John Malone Owen of Lincoln County, Arkansas)

Compiler: Donald Earl McKinney Jr, Alma, KS
These notes were compiled from materials gathered for many years by personal research & correspondence. I am especially grateful to the following relatives, whose research, photographs, stories & oral traditions, along with my own, helped us all gain a better understanding of our family heritage.
Great-Aunt Angie Greer of Ozark, AR, a granddaughter of John & Mary Owen
Great-Grandmother Ada's original family history files pertaining to the Owen & Grumbles families

JOHN ERR OWEN was born 29 Aug 1816 in Morgan County AL & died 26 Nov 1886 in Palmyra, Lincoln County, Arkansas. He was the son of WILLIAM & ELIZABETH OWEN, originally from Fairfield County, SC. John married 2d Cousin, MARGARET ELIZABETH OWEN 7 Nov 1843 in Tippah County, MS, the daughter of LARKIN & MARGARET (ELLIOTT) OWEN.

Children of John Owen and Margaret Owen are:

Wlliam Robert Owen, born 8 Aug 1844 in Tippah Co MS; died 20 Feb 1899 in Ulm(Prairie) AR.He married (1) Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Thomasson. He married (2) Amanda "Cattie" Hoover(2)

Larkin Byrd Owen, born 26 Nov 1846 in Tippah Co MS; died 1 Jan 1920 in Palmyar(Lincoln) AR.He married Jennie Blythe 3 Jun 1883 in Lincoln Co AR

Charles Fleming Owen, born 4 Aug 1849 in Tippah Co MS; died Unknown in Palmya(Lincoln) AR. He married Nina Lessel 1890 in Lincoln Co AR

Jessie David Owen, born 12 Dec 1851 in Tippah Co MS; died 7 Oct 1907 in Palmyra(Lincoln) AR. He married Mary Linzy 12 Oct 1871 in Star City(Lincoln) AR

JOHN MALONE OWEN, born 1 May 1854 in Tippah County MS; died 24 Apr 1917 in Palmyra(Lincoln) AR. He married MARY BARBARA GRUMBLES 23 Jun 1872 in Lincoln County AR.

Margaret E. Owen, born 10 Nov 1856 in Tippah Co MS; died 1935 in Lincoln Co AR. She married John William Fish , Rev 12 Oct 1878 in Lincoln Co AR

Mary J. Owen, born 15 Feb 1859 in Tippah Co MS; died 29 Apr 1861 in Palmyar(Lincoln) AR

Silas S. Owen, born 17 Sep 1861 in Palmyra(Lincoln) AR; died 4 Nov 1869 in Palmyra(Lincoln) AR

James Horace Owen, born 19 Oct 1864 in Palmyra(Lincoln) AR; died 20 Dec 1935 in Pine Bluff(Jefferson) AR. He married Lena Blythe 25 Dec 1888 in Lincoln Co AR

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