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(From Henry County, Virginia//Settled in Oglethorpe County, Georgia 1780's)

Paternal Grandparents of JOSEPH EAST (1807-1840ís) of Madison County, Illinois
Joseph was the father of Rev MARTIN ALONZO EAST of Sebastian Co Ark

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Compiler: Donald Earl McKinney Jr
These notes were compiled from material gathered since 1980 by personal research & correspondence. I am especially grateful to Debbie East of Tulsa, also a descendant of Rev Martin Alonzo East, whose research, along with my own, helped us all gain a better understanding of our East family heritage.
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This material concerns the great-grandparents of our ancestor Rev Martin Alonzo East of Sebastian County, Arkansas. JAMES & EUSHAN EAST, SR left Henry County, VA with their son James East Jr & other family members during the late 1780's, settling in Oglethorpe County, GA.
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  • (SEE JAMES EAST JR PAGE concerning the TN & IL material)

    James East, Sr was born Abt 1735 , probably in Henrico Co VA, and died abt 1809-1812 in Oglethorpe County GA OR Robertson County, TN. He married Eushan Abt 1758 in Lunenburg Co VA. She was born Abt 1740 in VA, and died abt 1809-1812 in Oglethorpe County GA OR Robertson County, TN
    The identity of his parents UNKNOWN at this time, but he is believed to be a direct descendant of Thomas East Sr who had settled in Henrico County, Virginia during the mid 1600's, possibly immigrating from England with other relatives during that time.

    James East first appears in the various records of old Lunenburg County, Virginia during the mid 1750's & was associated with settlers who resided along the Meherrin River, Cox & Allen Creek area of what is now southern Mechlenburg County.
    Feb 1756 - Lunenburg Co VA (Court Records)
    THOMAS EAST, orphan of THOMAS EAST, deceased came into court (and being of lawful age for that purpose) made choice of JOHN EAST to be his guardian, who with JAMES EAST and William Robertson, his securities, acknowledged bond.
    (Don's Note: This was most likely along Meherrin River/Cox & Allen Creek area which became Mechlenburg Co in 1765. Robertson as well as Isham, Joseph, James & John East resided there during this time.)

    3 April 1758 - Lunenburg Co VA (Land Records)
    William White to John White cons 40 shillings - 135 acres on both sides of Allen's Creek. Wit: JAMES EAST, Daniel Gorre, Edward Culbreath
    (Contributed by Debbie East) This was in the area near Cox Creek & South Meherrin River which later became Mechlenburg Co. Daniel Gorre (Gory) was also found on the Lunenburg Co tithable list in 1752 residing near Isham East Sr. Edward Culbreath was also in this area during the 1750's & 1760's)

    12 Dec 1759 - Lunenburg Co VA (Land Records)
    John McDaniel of Johnston Co., NC to William Allen of Lunenburg Co. ... Cons. for land in Johnson Co. NC. Mcdaniel trades to William Allen 200 acres on south side of Meherrin River in the fork of Little Mountain Creek ... adjoining James Arnold, James McDaniel, Graiger and Walton.
    Witnesses: JAMES EAST, Daniel Hearn, Hezekiah Gentry, David B. Gentry, Moses B. Goven?.
    Signed: John McDaniel. (Contributed by Debbie East) This area became Mechlenburg Co in 1765)

    James East had married Eushan about 1758, while probably still in the Meherrin River area, but "drifted" to the west of there about 1760 & appears in the various records of Charlotte & Halifax Counties, Virginia during the mid 1760's. He & his family eventually became residents of Pittsylvania County after it was formed from Halifax County. There were several East families who also resided in this area as well as the Hardman, Edwards & Watson families who had become neighbors and close friends. Around 1777, these families settled in what is now southern Henry County, Virginia, not far from the North Carolina border. James purchased land along the Horsepasture Creek & resided in this area until 1787 or 1788.

    PLEASE NOTE: There was ANOTHER James East born during the 1730's who was a son of Joseph & Mary East of the Goochland & Louisa County, VA area. Joseph left a will, recorded in Louisa County, VA in 1772 which mentions his sons James, Josiah, Thomas as well as daughters Edith Pierce & Mary Cameron.
    This OTHER James East & his brother Josiah left Louisa County & settled in Lincoln County, KY during the 1780's and are accounted for on the reconstructed 1790 census for Lincoln Co KY. Josiah had a son named James, born about 1770, who was married in 1793 & is not believed to be the James listed as a head of household on that 1790 census. Several descendants of Josiah (of KY) seem to verify this information with their own personal research & family history charts.

    James East, Sr of Henry County, Virginia was in Wilkes/Oglethorpe Co GA in 1790 & verified by the tax records, etc.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Notes: These East families of the Louisa & Goochland area of MIDDLE Virginia were fairly closely related to the East's who, during the 1740's, had settled in old Lunenburg County of SOUTHERN Virginia. This area later became Charlotte, Halifax, Mechlenburg, Pittsylvania Counties.
    James East Sr, of Henry County, is believed to have been a member of the "southern Virginia" group of East's and, as mentioned above, was listed in several land & court records during the late 1750's & 1760's. He seems to have been closely associated with old ISHAM EAST, who owned land along the Meherrin River/Cox & Allen Creek area of what is now Mechlenburg Co VA. James, Sr is also closely associated with Joseph & Josiah East, of this Meherrin River area, who were quite possibly the sons of Isham. Old Isham was a son of Edward East Sr & grandson of Thomas Sr Isham is believed by John Young and others to have been the brother of Joseph of Louisa County, mentioned above.
    1763 - Lunenburg Co VA (Court Records)
    JAMES & JOSIAH EAST signed as a witness for Radford Maxey in Lunenburgh Co. in 1763. Radford Maxey resided in Wm Caldwell's district per the 1750 tithable list.
    (Contributed by Debbie East. This area later became Charlotte Co VA)

    1764 - Lunenburg Co VA (Estate Sale)
    JAMES EAST & JOSIAH EAST are purchasers at the estate of Matthew Campbell, deceased Oct 19, 1763. Recorded Feb 9, 1764

    25 Sep 1767 - Halifax Co VA (Inventory of Estate Sales)
    Edward Booker Estate
    Purchasers: Jessie East, Tarlton East, JAMES EAST
    (Note: Jesse East was a son of Edward East Jr. Tarlton (possibly the one above) was a brother of Edward Jr and an uncle to Jesse. Isham was another brother of Tarlton & Edward Jr who resided east of this area in the old Lunenburg area (Mechlenburg part) during the 1750's)

    1769 - Charlotte Co VA (Court Records)
    JAMES EAST sold a slave to James McGraw.
    JOSIAH EAST asked the court for pay for traveling 100 miles.
    (Note: Possible?? brother of James East Sr)

    1770 - James McGraw published in the Va. Gazette comments regarding JAMES EAST of Pittsylvania Co. as being a scoundrel since he did not deliver the slave to McGraw for which he was paid by McGraw. (Contributed by Debbie East)

    1776 - Henry Co VA Name of militiamen who marched to the assistance of Gen Greene at Guilford court house. Lanier's Company. JOHN EAST (b:1735 was the son of John East who died Halifax Co VA 1758)

    1777 - Henry Co VA (Oath of Allegiance)
    JAMES EAST took Oath of Allegiance before Edmund Lyne, Esq, 30 Aug 1777

    1777 - Pittsylvania Co VA (Oath of Allegiance)
    JOHN EAST, JOSEPH EAST, THOMAS EAST (Thomas Dilliard's List)
    (Relation to James Unknown) JOHN EAST (Chrispin Shelton List) (Son of John East who died in Halifax Co 1758)

    1778/1779/1780 - Henry Co VA (Tax Lists)
    JOHN & WILLIAM EAST (Relation to James East unknown)
    EDMUND EDWARDS (Not on the 1778 Tax list)
    (Don's Note: Per John Young's database, John East b:1735 & William were sons of John East who died in Halifax Co 1758. They were in Pittsylvania Co VA during the 1770's. John Sr was believed to be the son of Thomas East Jr, originally of Henrico Co VA)

    1779 - Will Book 1 (Henry County, VA)
    LILYAN HAMPTON,Being very sick and weak; will dated April 14, 1779; To son John Russel one sorrell mare To his daughter Susannah Russel one haffer yearling To my son Samuel Parker one cow and yerling To my duaghter Lillayan Flewd one cow and all my clothes and side saddle All my house furniture equally to son John Russel and Samuel Parker and Lillayan Flewd. My cash accounts due me from David Right and William Bowman equally to son John Russel and Samuel Parker.Executors: Diverix Gilliam and Thomas Stockton Lilleyan(her mark) HamtonWit: Deverix Gilliam,Elizabeth Hutcheson, Eda Gilliam Dec. 27, 1779; Deverix Gilliam who gave bond with JAMES EAST his security.

    April 1781 - Henry Co VA (Land Grant Records)
    To JAMES EAST - 286 acres on Horsepasture Creek

    1782 - Personal Property Tax List (Henry Co VA)
    Name Tithes/Negroes/Horses/Cattle
    East, James 1/0/2/5////East, Joseph 1/0/1/5 (Son of James East Sr)
    East, John 1/5/7/21 (Son of John East who died in Halifax Co 1758)
    Hardman, John 1 2 4 13////Watson, John 1 6 9 17 (friends of the Eastís, also went to GA)

    10 Mar 1785 - Henry Co VA (Power of Attorney)
    I, JOHN HARDMAN of Henry County do impower my son William Hardman to sell my land on Grassey Creek or trade it to any advantage that suits him to discharge my debt with him. Also to pay him the 20 pounds I owe him.
    (John Hardman Sr left for Wilkes Co GA. James East Sr witnessed his Will there in 1793)

    3 Oct 1785 - Henry Co VA (Land Sale, Book 3, Pages 193/194)
    JAMES EAST, SR & EUSSHAN his wife to John Watson part of a tract of land, it being part of a tract granted EAST 11 Apr 1780 which contained by survey 670 acres on Horsepasture Creek now laid off to be 400 acres more or less and joins JOSEPH EAST and Watson's own line for the consideration of 150 pounds. Wit: Joseph Morris, Daniel France, John Wright Watson

    24 Mar 1786 - Henry Co VA (Land Sale, Book 3, Pages 233/234)
    JAMES EAST, SR to Benjamin Kennon for 50 pounds sells parts of different tract, the first at Woodson's now Watson's beginning on the south side of Horsepasture Creek containing 117 acres, another part of a tract patented on 10 April 1781 the other 1 June 1782. The other part on Camp Branch with JOSEPH EAST's line and Redmon's being 320 acres more or less. Wit: William Hunter, Thomas Prunty, John Dickerson

    10 Sep 1787 - Henry Co VA (Power of Attorney)
    JAMES EAST appoints JAMES EAST, SR my lawful attorney to act to receive a certain sum of money due me the 1st day of March 1788 from John Watson & Samuel C. Morris as appears by bonds dated 30 Oct 1785. Wit: MARY EAST, SARAH BRADBERRY
    (Don's Note: It appears that soon after James SR sold the 400 acres to Watson, he passed the promissory note to James JR, his son, and James JR, then gave power of attorney to James SR to collect the money. This is probably when James East Jr decided to head for Georgia leaving his father to take care of his business, with the rest of the family to follow soon after. These witnesses were James Jr's wife Mary "Polly" Edwards & his sister Sarah who married Lewis Bradberry. Other probable sisters were Elizabeth who married William Elkins & Jean who married William Finch. All of these sisters & James Jr's brother Joseph East also settled in Oglethorpe Co GA.)

    8 Oct 1787 - Henry Co VA (Land Sale, Book 3, Pages 362/362)
    JAMES EAST to Thomas Jervis for 100 pounds sells land on both sides Horsepasture Creek being part of three surveys granted by patent to the said JAMES EAST in 1780...joins Cannon 210 acres surveyed by Jacob Cox, Dutton Lain's line, 667 acres, Dillen's line, Watson's, it being the same more or less 375 acres.
    (Don's Note: It appears that James Sr sold the remaining part of his land and prepares to join his son James Jr in Georgia)

    1787 - Henry County VA (Tax List)
    (Note: In 1787 James East Sr was named on a Henry County Personal Property tax list owning one horse, but he was not taxed for it; again, this indicates that he may have just recently moved, making the tax non-collectable. *************************

    In 1787, James East Jr departed Henry County, Virginia leaving his father James Sr in charge of his affairs, traveling to Wilkes County, GA. It is believed James Sr & the rest of the family followed soon after. James Jr probably returned to Virginia to help with the arduous journey. James Jr had married Mary "Polly" Edwards, daughter of Edmund Edwards also of Henry County. James Sr's oldest son Joseph had previously moved on to North & South Carolina but also ended up in Wilkes County, GA during this time, settling on Milestone Creek, just north of his father & brother James Jr who were on Indian Creek. This area later became Oglethorpe County. James East Sr's daughters, Sarah Bradberry, Elizabeth Elkins, Jean Finch, and Mary Galloway also settled in Oglethorpe County.

    It appears that both James East Sr & Jr defaulted on their taxes in Wilkes Co GA in 1790 & traveled to the wilderness of what is now Robertson County, TN. James East purchased land along Spring Creek of the Red River area. They returned to Oglethorpe County, GA by 1793 where James East Sr purchased more land along Indian Creek in 1796. James Jr's father-in-law, Edmund Edwards, is believed to have also gone to the Red River area of TN during this time & returned to Georgia with the East's.

    By 1809, James Jr and his father-in-law Edmund Edwards moved back to Robertson Co TN where James claimed his father's land on Red River. It is not known for sure if James Sr and wife Eushan traveled with them, but they died sometime between 1809 and 1812, either in GA or TN.

    1790 - Wilkes Co GA (Tax Return of Defaulters, CPT Patton's District)
    (Don's Note: From 16 & 30 Oct 1790 Default List in the Augusta Chronicle, code AA signifying individuals owning land on Indian Creek which later became part of Oglethorpe County. The fact they defaulted on their taxes may indicate their trip to Robertson County, TN during this time. They returned to Oglethorpe County by 1793, where James Sr witnessed his friend JOHN HARDMAN's will.

    EDMUND EDWARDS was not listed on 1790 Tax List and was believed to be in Robertson County, TN also. JOSEPH EAST, son of James East Sr, appeared on the regular Tax List for 1790 in Tiller's District, Code CC indicating land on Milestone Creek, just north of Indian Creek, where James Sr & Jr resided)

    1793 - From "Red River Settlers" Page 105, Land Grants Issued by North Carolina "Grant No. 1638 to James Earl (or East), dated 4, 27, 1793. Assigned to heirs of James East. Warrant No. 1420 for 640 acres. Recorded Book E-5, p. 118. Tennessee County on Spring Creek."
    Don's Note: This is James East Sr & family who left Henry County, VA before 1790 & settled on Indian Creek of Wilkes County, GA. It is believed James Jr left in 1787, blazing the trail, with his parents & other members of the family following soon after. They evidently went to TN by 1790 and resided there for a couple of years before returning to GA by 1793. Evidently, James East Jr left Oglethorpe County, GA about 1809 & returned to this area on Red River to claim this land which remained in his father's name. It is unknown if James Sr went back to TN with his son, but it is possible he died in Oglethorpe Co GA about the time James Jr began that journey north.
    Spring Creek flows from the south to north THEN east & west along the northern part of present day Robertson County, TN (less than a mile from Logan County, KY) and empties into the Red River. This area was part of Tennessee County, North Carolina until 1796 with Tennessee statehood & the establishment of Robertson County)

    5 Oct1793 - Oglethorpe Co GA (Will of John Hardman)
    JOHN HARDMAN changed his will & re-signed with new witnesses:

    1793 - Wilkes Co GA (Land Grants, Book D, Pg 198)
    Plat surveyed for JOSEPH EAST, 627+ acres, based on warrant dated April 1793 and executed 2 April 1793 by Thomas Wooten, D.S. Chain Carriers: Mark Phillips and Wade Godsby (Goolsby). Bounded by surveyed land, James Goolsby, Joseph Weis?, Richard Gray, John Bink?, and Alexander Luckie.
    (Debbie East's note: There is a connection of James East, Sr. to this Goolsby family. Wade Goolsby the father, was from Rowan Co. NC before arriving in Wilkes Co. GA. James SR. may ?? have resided in NC at least in 1788 prior to joining his son James Jr in Wilkes/Oglethorpe Co. GA)

    1795 - Oglethorpe Co GA (Land Records)
    Joseph East, the son of James East SR, was granted title to 252 acres in Jackson Co in 1805 . And from Union Co SC in 1801 Joseph East and Milly East sold land in Jackson Co GA. Earlier Union Co records show that in 1795 Joseph bought land in Oglethorpe Co GA, and bought land in Jackson Co in 1797. Joseph was a Justice of the peace in Jackson Co GA in 1797.

    1796 - Oglethorpe County, GA (Oglethorpe County's First Tax List)
    JAMES EAST, SR (James East Jr not on list)
    EDMUND EDWARDS (To Jackson Co by 1798, Polly East's father)
    JOHN, NATHAN & WILLIAM EDWARDS (Brothers of Edmund Edwards)
    WILLIAM FINCH (Married James East Sr's daughter Jean East)
    MATTHEW GALLOWAY (Married James East Sr's daughter Mary East)
    ISHAM DAVIS (Married Polly Edwards East's sister Sally Edwards)
    HARDMAN (Friends of the family, from Henry Co VA)
    Wm Elkins (NOT ON LIST/Married James East Sr's daughter Elizabeth)
    Lewis Bradberry (NOT ON LIST/Married James East Sr's daughter Sarah)

    29 Dec 1796 - Oglethorpe Co GA (Land Purchase, Book D, Page 174)

    This Indenture made this Twenty Eighth day of December in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Six Between JAMES EAST of the County of Oglethorpe on the one part & RUFUS JONES and SELAH his wife on the other part Witnesseth that for & in connsideration of the sum of one hundred and sixty pounds Sterling money of Georgia to them in hand paid by JAMES EAST Sen. on Receipt thereof do by these presents Bargain Sell and Assign unto the aforesaid EAST & his heirs & assigns forever one certain tract or parcel of land containing four hundred acres be the same more or less lying and being in the County aforesaid on both sides the North fork of INDIAN CREEK & Bounded as Follows to Wit, Beginning on EDWARDS corner Red Oak & thence North Twenty Degrees East Twenty Nine Chains to a Stake. Thence East Two Chains to a Red Oak, Thence North four Chains to a post oak, Thence North Twenty Degrees East fifty nine chains & fifty links to a Red Oak. Thence North forty five Degrees West crossing a branch to post oak, Thence North Seventy West Twenty one chains to a White Oak in MARTIN's line. Thence South Twenty West one hundred & two chains on MARTINS line to Stake on JONES's land thence South Seventy East to RICHARD BANKs line. Thence on his line to the Beginning With all the appertenances thereunto belonging to as any wise ? appertaining & the said RUFUS JONES & SELAH his Wife do against themselves their heirs or any other person or persons whatsoever Warrant and Defend the aforesaid four hundred acres of land and premises from any just or lawful claim unto the above mentioned EAST & his heirs or assigns forever. Witness Whereof we set our hands and affix our Seals this day and year above written. Signed: RUFUS JONES, SELAH JONES
    Signed in Presence of ALEX. MARTIN, WM ELKINS, JOHN MARTIN
    Acknowledged before me December the 29th day 1796. CHARLES CAMPBELL, J.P.

    1798 - Oglethorpe Co GA (GA Tax List)
    JAMES EAST SR, JAMES EAST JR (Hudspeth's District)
    MATTHEW GALLOWAY, ISHAM DAVIS (Hudspeth's District)
    WILLIAM FINCH (Collier's District)
    JOHN, NATHAN & WM EDWARDS (Waters District)
    (1800 - Oglethorpe Co GA (GA Tax List)
    JAMES EAST, ISHAM DAVIS (Hudspeth's District)
    JOHN, NATHAN & WM EDWARDS (Warter's District)
    MATTHEW GALLOWAY (McCarly's District)
    WILLIAM FINCH (Collier's District)
    JOSEPH EAST, EDMUND EDWARDS (In Jackson Co GA 1801 List)
    WM ELKINS (In Wilkes Co GA 1801 List)

    1800 - Oglethorpe Co GA (Federal Census//Capt Hudspeth's District
    Males: Under 10(2)///10-16(0)///16-26(0)///26-45(1)///Over 45(1)
    Fem: Under 10(0)///10-16(0)///16-26(1)///26-45(0)///Over 45(1)
    (Note: James Jr's elderly parents, James & Eushan residing in this household)
    LEWIS BRADBERY, JOHN HARDMAN JR (Capt Hardman's District)
    MATHEW GALLOWAY (Capt McCarley's District)
    WILLIAM FINCH (Capt Collier's District)
    JOHN, NATHAN & WM EDWARDS (Capt Warter's District)
    JOHN HARDEMAN (Capt Duke's District)
    (Note: JOSEPH EAST & EDMUND EDWARDS in Jackson Co GA)

    1805 - Oglethorpe County, GA (Tax List)
    JAMES EAST (James Smith's District)
    MATTHEW GALLOWAY, WM ELKINS (Lockett District)
    JOHN, NATHAN & WM EDWARDS (Lee District)
    JOHN HARDMAN JR (Hewell District)
    LEWIS BRADBERRY (Clarke Co GA 1805 Tax List) JOSEPH EAST, EDMUND EDWARDS (Jackson Co GA 1804 Tax List)

    1805 - Georgia Land Lottery
    JAMES EAST, SR (Oglethorpe Co, Serial #328, 2 draws)
    JAMES EAST, JR (Oglethorpe Co, Serial #346, 1 draw??)
    JOSEPH EAST (Jackson Co, Serial #252)
    EDMUND EDWARDS (Jackson Co, Serial #238, 2 draws)

    1810 & 1815 - Oglethorpe Co GA (Tax Lists)
    MATTHEW GALLOWAY (Left Will Oglethorpe 1824, Book B, pg 254)
    JOSEPH EAST (On Clarke Co GA 1809 Tax List)
    (Don's Note: JAMES EAST JR & EDMUND EDWARDS do not appear on 1809-1810 tax lists for Oglethorpe & Jackson Counties GA. They went back to Robertson Co TN by 1809, with JAMES EAST SR possibly? going with them, since James East Jr used JUNIOR on the Oglethorpe deed transacted in Robertson County TN in 1812. James East Sr purchased the Oglethorpe land in 1796 & probably died between 1809-1812 in GA or TN??, leaving the property to his son James Jr)

    More About James East, Sr:
    Ancestry: English
    Occupation: Farmer
    Residence1: Lunenberg Co VA(Mechlenburg Co/Meherrin River/CoxCreek area) (1748-1760)
    Residence2: Charlotte/Halifax Co VA (1760-1767)
    Residence3: Pittsylvania Co VA (1767-1777)
    Residence4: Henry Co VA (Horsepasture Creek) (1777-1787)
    Residence5: Wilkes Co GA (Indian Creek/Became Oglethorpe Co) (1787-1790)
    Residence6: Tennessee Co NC (Middle Fork Red River/Became Robertson Co TN) (1790-1793)
    Residence7: OglethorpeCoGA (Indian Creek area) (1793-1809)

    Children of James & Eushan East

    CHILD 1: JOSEPH EAST was born Abt 1760 in Lunenburg Co VA; died in Monroe Co AL. He married Mildred "Milly".
    1799, 1801, 1804 - Jackson County GA (Georgia Tax List)
    1809, 1815 - Clarke County GA (Georgia Tax List) JOSEPH EAST
    1830 - Federal Census (Monroe Co AL) JOSEPH EAST 1100000001-200001, Pg 34 MARTIN R. EAST Pg 049
    1840 - Federal Census (Monroe Co AL) MARTIN B. EAST 1011001-102001, Pg 229

    CHILD 2: ELIZABETH EAST was born Abt 1762 in Pittsylvania Co VA; died Abt 1811 in BeaverDam(Oglethorpe) GA
    She married William Elkins 24 Dec 1783 in Henry Co VA.
    Notes for Elizabeth East:
    Oct 1790 - Henry Co VA (Letters of Dismissal from Beaver Creek Church)
    William & Elizabeth Elkins
    ISHAM EAST also a member of church

    CHILD 3: JEAN EAST was born Abt 1764 in Pittsylvania Co VA ?; died Unknown in Oglethorpe Co GA ?.
    She married William Finch 26 Sep 1785 in Henry Co VA

    CHILD 4: JAMES EAST JR was born Abt 1767 in Pittsylvania Co VA, and died May 1833 in Madison Co IL.
    He married Mary "Polly" Edwards Abt 1787 in Henry Co VA, daughter of Edmund & Elizabeth Edwards. She was born Abt 1772 in Pittsylvania Co VA, and died Abt 1845 in Madison Co IL


    CHILD 5: ROBERT EAST was born Abt 1768
    More About Robert East:
    Census: 1790WilkesCoGA(Tax)

    CHILD 6: SARAH EAST was born Abt 1769 in Pittsylvania Co VA ?; died Unknown in Oglethorpe Co GA ?
    She married Lewis Bradberry 19 Nov 1785 in Henry Co VA

    CHILD 7: MARY EAST was born Abt 1770 in Pittsylvania Co VA ?; died Abt 1866 in Oglethorpe Co GA (96 years)
    She married Matthew Galloway Abt 1790 in Oglethorpe Co GA; born 15 Dec 1759 in Ire; died 14 Feb 1824 in Oglethorpe Co GA. *******************************************************************************



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