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Ancestors of Permelia Cason HILLERY & MARY (SMITH) CASON JR
(From Pitt Co NC//Settled in Screven Co GA, Madison Co Illinois & Independence Co Ark)

Parents of PERMELIA (CASON) EAST of Independence Co Ark
Permelia was the mother of Rev MARTIN ALONZO EAST of Sebastian Co Ark)

Donald Earl McKinney Jr
These notes were compiled from material gathered by research & correspondence through the years. I am especially grateful to the following individuals whose research, records, stories & oral traditions, along with my own, helped us all gain a better understanding of Cason family heritage.
E.L. “Boe” Williams, Valdosta GA, Peggy Dailey, Belton MO, Anne Peterson, Batesville AR
William R. Cason, Atlanta, GA, Ruby Cason Iliff, Spokane WA, Lucille Pearce, Midland TX

  • (SEE HILLERY CASON SR PAGE concerning more Cason ancestors)

    Hillery Cason Jr was born 3 Apr 1779 in Pitt County, North Carolina. He married Mary Smith about 1803 in Screven Co GA, who was born about 1783 in North Carolina.
    Hillery & Mary, along with several of Hillery's siblings, left Pitt County, North Carolina about 1794 with parents, Hillery & Sarah Cason Sr, settling on the Savannah River in Screven County, GA. They were farmers and slave owners in both NC & GA. Hillery’s father served with the NC militia during the Revolutionary War. Hillery Jr served in the War of 1812 while in Screven County.

    More About Hillery Cason, Jr:
    Ancestry: English
    Military: 7 Sep 1813 (War1812)Ens., 259th Dist. Company, Screven Co GA Militia
    Occupation: Farmer
    Residence1: Pitt Co NC (1779-1794)
    Residence2: Screven Co GA (1794-1829)
    Residence3: Madison Co IL (1829-1844)
    Residence4: Independence Co AR (1844-1857)

    23 Dec 1809 - Screven Co GA Deeds, Book I, pg 45-46 (Hillery Cason to John Black)
    Georgia Screven County: This Indenture made the twenty third day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and nine between HILLERY CASON of the State and County aforesaid and JOHN BLACK of the aforesaid State and County of the other part witnesseth that the said Hillery Cason for and in consideration of the Sum of three hundred dollars to him in hand paid by the Said John Black at or before the sealing and delivering of these presents doth grant bargain sell a lein Release and Confirm unto John Black his heirs and assigns all these Two tracts or parcels of Land Containing in the hole five hundred and fifty acres one of Said tracts containing two hundred acres the other tract containing three hundred and fifty acres originally granted unto the said Hillery Cason the Two Hundred Acre tract granted on the thirty first of November in the year of our lord one thousand Eight hundred and seven the three hundred and fifty acre tract granted twenty fourth November in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and seven. Each of Said tracts situate lying and being in the State and County aforesaid the first mention tract bounded on all sides vacant and the last mentioned tract bounded Northwardly by lands Supposed Howels and vacant land Southwardly by Said Hillery Cason and vacant land Northeastardly by vacant land Southwestwardly by GEORGE VARNER and vacant and westwardly by lands Supposed Lowthers. Each tract Surveyed by James Oliver having such shapes marks and terms as appears by the plats of same together with and Singular the rights members and appertenances thereof whatsover to the said tracts or parcels of land belonging or in anywise appertining and also the entrest right title entrest claim or demand of the said Hillery Cason his heirs and assigns aforesaid of into or out of the same to have and to hold the said tracts or parcels of land and all and singular the premises aforesaid with their and every of their Rights members and appertenences unto the Said John Black his heirs and assigns to their only proper use and behoof forEver in feesimple in Witness whereof the said Hillery Cason and Mary his wife hereunto set these hands and seals the day and year first above writen in the presents of us. Alexander Douglass, William Black J.P.
    Hillery Cason (Signed)
    Mary Cason (Her Mark)

    Received three hundred Dollars which is the witin Consideration money I Say Received by me in the presents of us the day and year within mentioned December 23 1809. Alexander Douglass, William Black J.P.
    Hillery Cason (Signed)
    Recorded this 27 day of August 1810 by John F. Lovett C.S.C.S.C.
    From 'Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas", by Goodspeed: Excerpts from pages 649-650:
    (QUOTE) "Simeon Cason is an enterprsing farmer of Independence County, Ark.
    - - - - - -He was born in Georgia, August 25, 1823, and is a son of HILLARY and MARY (SMITH) CASON, natives of the "Old North State," the former's birth occurring April 3, 1779. Their marriage took place about 1803, and of thirteen children born to them (seven sons and six daughters) only two are living: Simeon, and a daughter, who is the wife of Jesse Ward, and now a resident of Washington. Hillary Cason was a member of the Baptist Church , and his wife was a Methodist. (ENDQUOTE)

    In 1829, Hillery Jr & his older brother Dennis took their families on an overland journey across the wilderness of northern GA, Tennessee and Kentucky to Madison County, Illinois. They settled in the Silver Creek area near Highland, about 30 miles east of St Louis.

    Excerpts from Martin Alonzo East's autobiography (Hillery's Grandson):
    (QUOTE) "My Mothers maiden name was Permelia Cason-her father (Hillery Cason) was a slave owner in Georgia-owned a farm on the Savannah River midway between Savannah and Augusta, Ga. Sold his slaves and farms and emigrated to Illinois in 1833, settling in Washington Co., Ill. I have often heard Mother speak about the strange phenomenon of the stars falling one night in Nov. 1833-her father was moving to Illinois and were encamped on the back of the Ohio River and witnessed the falling of the stars." (ENDQUOTE)

    (Don's Note: Actually, the Casons moved to Illinois about 1829 and were enumerated on the 1830 census for Madison County, Illinois, not Washington County)

    About 1835, Hillery's oldest son Martin Cason & daughter Exeline Baltimore & their families went to Independence County, near Batesville in northeastern Arkansas. Their uncle Dennis Cason, along with several of his grown children & their families also made this journey. Martin Cason returned to Illinois about 1838, however, his sister, uncle & the others remained in Arkansas.

    During the early 1840's, Hillery decided it was time to join his daughter & the other relatives in Arkansas. Hillery & Mary’s grown children, Martin, John, Hillery III, Permelia East & their families as well as the younger unmarried children Simeon, William, James & Sarah also made the journey.

    More Excerpts from Martin Alonzo East's autobiography:
    (QUOTE) "My Grandfather Cason moved from Illinois to Independence Co. Ark. in 1838, and Mother moved thither with a brother (Uncle Martin Cason) in August 1839, so I was about 8 months old when she came to Ark. We lived with Grandfather Cason till Mother married Dr. John Morris which was in March 1849.
    - - - - - - - - Mother had a number of brothers and Sisters-every brother was a mechanic-brick and stone masons- plasterers except Uncle Will Cason who was by profession a painter. One of Mother's sisters married a man by the name of Baltimore, something of a politician and he died in Little Rock-he was a member of the Legislature at the time of his death - his widow afterwards married an abolitionist of Batesville, and with a brother (Uncle Hillery Cason) emmigrated to Oregon in 1850 - settling in Portland, Ore. Two of the Baltimore boys became newspaper men - and the Baltimore girl Augusta married Congressman Ellis of Spokane Falls, Oregon. She visited Uncle Simeon Cason at Batesville on the same trip. Through Uncle Simeon I learned of her trip and afterwards corresponded with her at Spokane." (ENDQUOTE)

    (Don's Note: Per the 1840 census & other records, Hillery Cason, Martin Cason & Permelia (Cason) East were still in Illinois. They made the trip during the early to mid 1840's. As mentioned above, Martin Cason went to Arkansas about 1835, but returned to Illinois about 1838, before heading back to Arkansas with his parents & other relatives during that 1840's trip. Permelia Cason East, Hillery's daughter, remarried Dr John Morris in 1850)

    Hillery & Mary Cason's daughter Lucinda, who married Josiah East, remained in Lively Grove Township, Washington County, Illinois where her husband had settled. Another possible daughter was Eveline who married John Tscharner, but nothing more is known about them or where they ended up. Also, Mary Cason who married Seborn Cason, son of Dennis, was also a probable daughter. It seems likely that Seborn married his first cousin. Mary passed away during the 1830's and Seborn remarried before heading for Arkansas with his father.

    There was also Susan Cason who married Hugh Pearce 1829 in Madison County, Illinois. I corresponded with a descendant of Susan's about 20 years ago. At that time, this descendant, among other researchers, were of the belief that Susan was a daughter of Hillery and Mary Cason. Hugh Pearce had a brother named Robert Bartlett Pearce who married Gincey Cason in Independence County, Arkansas during the 1830's. Gincey was the daughter of Hillery's brother Dennis, named after her mother Gincey (Dennis's 2d wife). Both Hugh & Susan Pierce and Hugh's brother Robert left Madison County Illinois during the 1830's, settling in Arkansas about the same time as Dennis Cason.. After Robert Pierce's marriage to Gincey, both Pierce families settled in Sevier County, Arkansas. It seems very possible that Susan and Gincey were sisters, both being daughters of Dennis. IF ANYONE CAN CLEAR THIS UP, PLEASE ADVISE

    Hillery & Mary Cason both died during the late 1850's while residing in the Gainsboro area east of Batesville in Independence County, Arkansas. Their burial sites have never been located.
    Marriage Records of Madison Co IL:
    5 Mar 1828 - PERMELIA CASON married JOSEPH EAST
    26 Mar 1829 - MARY CASON married SEABURN CASON (Seaburn son of Dennis)
    27 Nov 1836 - EVELINE CASON married JOHN B. TSCHARNER
    11 Nov 1840 - LUCINE CASON married JOSIAH EAST
    6 Mar 1842 - HILLARY CASON III married Delila Insminger
    30 Jul 1829 - SUSAN CASON married HUGH A. PEARCE
    18 Jun 1833 - SEBORN CASON married EUNICE HARRISON (Seborn son of Dennis)

    Marriage Records of Independence Co AR:
    14 Jun 1837 - GINCEY CASON married ROBERT PEARCE
    30 Nov 1848 - SARAH CASON age 19 married CHARLES H. SNEED age 28
    31 Jan 1850 - EXELINE BALTIMORE age 35 marr JESSE WARD age 52
    (Note: Gincey daughter of Dennis Cason. Sarah & Exeline daughters of Hillery Cason)

    1830 - Federal Census (Madison Co IL)
    HILLERY CASON 20111001/1111001 pg 178
    MARTIN CASON 00001/0001 (Hillery Jr's oldest son) pg 178
    JOSEPH EAST 00001-0001 (Wife Permelia daughter of Hillery) pg 178
    DENNIS CASON 02120001/0010001 (Hillery's brother) pg 178
    Samuel Cason 10002/20001 (Son of Dennis) pg 178
    Sebron Cason 00001/0001 (Son of Dennis) pg 178
    Hugh A. Pearce 0001/00001 (Wife Susan Cason dau of Dennis or Hillery?) pg 179
    JAMES EAST 001200001-00100001 (Father of Joseph East) pg 179
    John Conner pg 171 (Possibly the one who married Dennis Caon’s daughter Jane)

    20 June 1836 (Federal Land Purchase, Madison Co IL)
    NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4, Section 11 Twp 4N Range 6W (40 acres)

    Tax Lists (Independence Co AR) 1835 - MARTIN CASON Independence County AR pg 001 Ruddell Township
    1838 - MARTIN CASON Independence County AR pg 020
    (Don's Note: Hillery's son Martin Cason evidently went to Arkansas w/sister Exeline Baltimore & their uncle Dennis Cason about 1835, however, Martin returned to Madison Co IL by 1840, then journeyed back to Independence Co Ark during the 1840's with his parents and siblings.)

    Tax List (Independence Co AR)
    1836 - WILKINSON BALTIMORE, pg 001 Ruddel Township
    1839 - M.W. BALTIMORE, pg 31
    (Don’s Note: Hillery’s daughter Exeline with husband Mortimore Wilkinson Baltimore. They did not return to Illinois with Martin Cason)

    1835 - 1839: Tax Lists (Independence Co Ark)
    DENNIS CASON//John B.//Samuel//Sebron (1835 Black River Township, pg 001)
    DENNIS CASON//Hillory/Sebron//Bunyon(1836 pg 002)
    DENNIS CASON//Sebron//Bunyon (1838 pg 020)
    DENNIS CASON//Hillory//Samuel//Sebron (1839 pg 032)
    (Hillery's brother Dennis & his sons had moved to Arkansas during mid 1830's. Bunyon was John Bunyon)

    1840 - Federal Census (Highland Precinct, Madison Co IL)
    HILLARY CASON 011110001/00110001 pg 79
    MARTIN CASON 00001/12001 pg 073 (Hillery's son)
    JOHN CASON 110001/00011 pg 73 (Hillery's son)
    JOSEPH EAST 120001-10001 (married Permelia Cason, dau of Hillery) pg 72
    John B. Tschnar 000001/00001 (married Eveline Cason, probable dau of Hillery) pg 78

    1840 - Federal Census (Independence Co AR, Black River Twp)
    John B(Bunyon) Cason 100010001/10001 pg16 (Father Dennis was in this household)
    Hillery Cason pg16//Samuel Cason, pg17//Sebron Cason, pg 17 (Sons of Dennis)
    John Conner pg 17 (Married Dennis's daughter Jane)

    Federal Land Purchase (Independence Co AR)
    10 Jul 1844 - CASON, HILLERY//Section 27//Twp 14N//Range 5W (40 Acres)
    CASON, MARTIN//Section 33/Twp 14N//Range 5W (40 Acres)
    CASON SIMEON//Section 33//Twp 14N//Range 5W (40 Acres) (Martin Cason & Hillery Cason assignees of IL-LA-TE-MAH Rep of E-YAH-HAM-BE Deceased)

    1 May 1854 - CASON, MARTIN//Section 34/Twp 14N//Range 6W (40 Acres)
    (Remarks: John Cason & Hillery Cason)
    1 Mar 1855 - CASON, SIMEON//Section 35//Twp 15N//Range 5W (40 Acres)
    (Remarks: John Morris)
    1 Mar 1856 - CASON, JOHN//Section 36//Twp 15N//Range 5W (40 Acres)
    (Remarks: Hallery Cason, Charles M Hall & John Young)
    1 Apr 1857 - CASON, JOHN//Section 36//Twp 15N/Range 5W (157.25 Acres)
    1 Jul 1859 - CASON, MARTIN//Section 34//Twp14N//Range 6W (40 Acres)
    1 Jan 1861 - CASON, MARTIN//Section 27//Twp 14N//Range 6W (80 Acres)
    1850 - Federal Census (Independence Co AR)
    CASON, Hillery, born NC, age 74, Farmer $400 (Ruddel Twp, Fam #997, pg 384)
    Mary, born NC, age 67
    William 18 IL (son)
    Charles Sneed 27 AR (ShoeMaker)
    Sarah Sneed 22 GA (daughter of Hillery & Mary Cason, married Charles Sneed)
    Charles H Sneed 4 months AR

    CASON, SIMEON, born GA, age25, Farmer $600 (Ruddel Twp, Fam #998, pg 384)
    Sarah J/20/AR

    WARD, JESSE born MD age 52 Farmer $460 (Ruddel Twp, Fam #915, pg 377)
    Exeline 36 GA
    Francis Baltimore 17 IL Farmer
    Noel 13 AR//Mary E 11 AR// Augusta 7 AR//John 5 AR (All Baltimore’s)
    (Don’s Note: Exeline was daugher of Hillery & Mary Cason)

    CASON, MARTIN, born GA, age 45, BrickMason, $2000(Batesville, Fam #1131, pg 394)
    Ann E/39/TN
    Mary A E 18 IL//Mathina 15 AR//Levina 11 IL//Oliver B 7 AR//Simeon 5 AR
    Sarah 3 AR//Whitmill 1 AR
    (Martin was son of Hillery & Mary Cason)

    CASON, JOHN born GA, age 43 BrickMason $3000 (Batesville, Fam #1143, pg 394)
    Martha 37 IL
    Benjamin F 15 IL //Susan 9 IL//Elenid 7 AR//Laura 5 AR//Martha 4 mo AR
    (John was son of Hillery & Mary Cason)

    CASON, HILLERY, 29/GA BrickMason, $2000 (Batesville, Family #1152, pg 395)
    Delila 24 GA
    Maranda 6 AR/Mary J 5 AR/William 2 AR/Maria E 4 months AR
    CALVIN EAST, born IL, age 19, Plasterer (Nephew, son of Permelia)
    JAMES CASON born GA age 23 Plasterer (Brother)
    (Note: The head of household was Hillery Cason III, the son of Hillery Jr. He moved to Portland, Oregon soon after this census)

    ************************************************************************ **
    Children of Hillery & Mary (Smith) Cason

    Martin Cason, born 1805 in Screven Co GA; died Bet. 1871 - 1878 in Batesville(Independence)AR. He married Ann Elizabeth East 25 Dec 1828 in Madison Co IL; born Abt 1812 in Robertson Co TN; died Bet. 1870 - 1879 in Batesville(Independence)AR.

    More About Martin Cason:
    Military: CivilWar(8thInfNewCoH,Ark/CSA)

    1860 - Federal Census (Independence Co AR)
    CASON, MARTIN 55/GA/200 (Stone Mason)
    (Pg10BatesvilleRuddel Twp)

    CASON, SIMEON 35/IL/1500 Farmer
    Sarah J/29/AR
    (Rust/Gainsboro Twp)

    1870 - Federal Census (Independence Co AR, Batesville, AshleyTwp)
    CASON, MARTIN 67/GA/100 Farmer
    Frederick 9

    Zacariah 16,Henry 14
    (Gainsboro Pg 10 Fam# 77)

    John Cason, born 1807 in Screven Co GA. He married Martha Howard 27 Feb 1833 in Madison Co IL.

    CHILD 3: SUSAN CASON ?????????
    Susan Cason, born 1809 in Screven Co GA. She married Hugh Allison Pearce 30 Jul 1829 in Madison Co IL

    It is not known for sure if Susan was a daughter of Hillery or his brother Dennis Cason???

    From Lucille Pearce of Midland, TX 1982:
    Susan Cason was my great-grandmother. She married Hugh Allison Pearce in Madison County, Illiinois on July 30, 1829. Ginsey Cason married Robert Bartlett Pearce (Hugh's brother) in Independence County, Arkansas on June 14, 1837.
    Susan and Hugh Pearce had four sons in the 1840 census. In an affidavit dated November 5, 1855, James D. Pearce (my grandfather) and William Wriley Pearce stated that they were the sons of Hugh and Susan Pearce. Hugh Pearce was a volunteer in the Black Hawk War in Illinois, as a result, Susan Pearce received a grant of 160 acres of land in Sevier County, (now Little River) Arkansas. Hugh Allison Pearce died in Shreveport, Louisiana on October 28 1850. We cannot find out what happened to Susan and her son, William Wriley Pearce (called "Riley") after 1860 when she received title to the land.

    Marriage Record - Madison Co IL
    30 Jul 1829 - SUSAN CASON married HUGH A. PEARCE

    1 Marriage Records of Independence Co AR:
    14 Jun 1837 - GINCEY CASON married ROBERT B. PEARCE

    1840 - Federal Census (Sevier Co AR, Jackson Twp)
    Hugh A. Pearce 22011/000001 pg 161
    Robert B. Pearce 10002/00001 pg 161
    (Married Hugh married Susan Cason//Robert married Gincey Cason. Gincey believed to be the daughter of Dennis & Gincey Cason)

    1850 - Federal Census (Sevier Co AR)
    PEARCE, ROBERT B 36 KY Farmer $4000
    William W 10//Freedom 7//Martha R 4//Mouncy 1 (All born AR)
    (Wife Gincey Cason deceased. Need to find SUSAN (CASON) PEARCE on this census)

    Mary Cason, born about 1810 in Screven Co GA & died abt 1833 in Madison Co IL. She married SEBORN CASON 26 Mar 1829 in Madison Co IL

    Seborn was the son of Dennis Cason & it seems likely that he married his first cousin Mary, probable daughter of Hillery & Mary Cason. Mary evidently died about 1833 & Seborn remarried before settling in Arkansas with his father)

    Permelia Cason, born 1812 in Screven Co GA; died Abt 1860 in Gainsboro(Independence)AR. She married (1) Joseph East 5 Mar 1828 in Highland(Madison) IL; born Abt 1807 in Oglethorpe Co GA; died Bet. 1839 - 1845 in Madison Co IL. She married (2) Dr John Morris 1 May 1850 in Independence Co AR; born 10 Apr 1803 in NJ; died 10 Jun 1890 in Sebastian Co AR


    Exaline Cason, born 1815 in Screven Co GA; died 1895 in Spokane, WA. She married (1) Mortimore W. Baltimore 11 Sep 1834 in Madison Co IL. She married (2) Jesse Ward 31 Jan 1850 in Independence Co AR

    Exaline crossed the Oregon Trail about 1852 with her brother Hillery Cason III, settling in Portland, Oregon.

    Eveline Cason, born abt 1817 in Screven Co GA. She married John B. Tscharner 27 Nov 1836 in Madison County IL

    Eveline is believed to be a daughter of Hillery & Mary Cason. She and husband are next near Hillery & other relatives during the 1840 census of Madison Co IL.

    1840 - Federal Census (Highland Precinct, Madison Co IL)
    JOHN B. TSCHNAR 000001/00001 (marr Eveline Cason, probable dau of Hillery) pg 78
    HILLARY CASON 011110001/00110001 pg 79
    MARTIN CASON 00001/12001 pg 073 (Hillery's son)
    JOHN CASON 110001/00011 pg 73 (Hillery's son)
    JOSEPH EAST 120001-10001 (married Permelia Cason, dau of Hillery) pg 72

    Hillery Cason III, born 12 Mar 1819 in Screven Co GA; died 10 Aug 1886 in Portland(Multonomah) OR. He married Delila Ensminger 6 Mar 1842 in Madison Co IL

    Notes for Hillery Cason III:
    1860 - Federal Census (Multnomah Co OR, Portland/Multnomah Prec, Pg 470)
    HENRY CASON 41 GA Farmer $1760
    Deliah 33 OH
    Isabella 15 AR//Worth 12 (male) AR//Eveline 10 AR//Virginia 8 AR
    James 6 OR//Samuel 4 OR//Edward 2 OR//Helen 8 months OR
    (Error in census: Name was actually HILLERY not HENRY. The son of Hillery Jr)

    1870 - Federal Census (Multnomah Co OR)
    CASON, HILLORY (Township: East Portland Page: 134)

    1880 - Federal Census (Multnomah Co OR
    CASON, HILLERY (Township: East Portland Page: 371)
    In Pioneer Remininscences and Incidents. Oregon Folklore Studies: Informant: Mrs. Annie CASON Lee, Upper Dr, Lake Grove, Oswego, Oregon, the interviewer, Sarah B. Wrenn, submitted this inquiry and answers about ANNIE CASON LEE:
    1. Ancestry: Scotch, English, and French
    2. Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon, december 12, 1870
    4. Places lived in, with dates: Portland from birth until present date (January 31, 1939)
    5. Education, with dates: Public schools: Willamette University, Salem, Oregon
    6. Occupation and accomplishments with dates: Housewife
    7. Special Skills and interest: No special skill in anything; averageinterest in general matters of national and community importance.
    8. Community and religious activities: Community garden club and society. Member of Christian Science Church
    9. Description of informant: Short, and dark in coloring, with dark gray hair. Somewhat commonplace in appearance, though cordial. Neatlydressed.
    10. Other points gained in interview: Cooperative, and willing to give information, but apparently unable to understand the nature of material desired. Mrs. Lee's husband, a retired businessman, who was present, was more understanding and very helpful.
    Description of the home of Annie CASON Lee where the interview took place:
    "Small country home, overlooking Lake Oswego. The room in which the interview took place was the living room, which was comfortably though not luxuriously furnished. The floor was covered with linoleum, and the room was heated by a circulating heater of small type. There was an overstuffed davenport and several overstuffed chairs, with a couple of floor lamps. The garden was somewhat run-down, owing to the ill health of the owner."
    Interviewer: Sarah B. Wrenn, Date and time of interview January 31, 1939 -- 2:00 to 3:00 P. M.
    Pioneer Remininscences and Incidents. Oregon Folklore Studies:
    Informant: Mrs. Annie CASON Lee, Upper Dr, Lake Grove, Oswego, Oregon
    (The daughter of Hillary & Delilah Cason III. She stated below that her parents were from Kentucky, however, they were from Illinois and Arkansas)

    "My parents, who crossed the plains to Oregon in 1853, were originally from Kentucky. They then had five children, of which one was my sister Miranda. She was a very beautiful girl, quite young, I think not more than fifteen. I remember hearing them tell (There were twelve of us and I was one of the younger ones -- born in Oregon) of an outstanding incident of their trip, in the Snake river country. The Indians, while not yet utterly hostile, were not very friendly, with tactics that harassed and worried the emigrants considerably. Every once in a while a bunch of mounted braves would bear down upon the train and demand tribute of anything that took their fancy. It seemed my father had a specially good knife of the hunting or skinning variety. He had this knife in his hands, doing something with it, when one of the Indians, a chief, or at least the leader of his gang, reached down and snatched it out of his hands. Of course there was nothing the white men could do under such circumstances, but, as the saying now is, grin and take it. In that case, however, it was the Indian who took. Then the Indians caught a glimpse of this pretty sister of mine. They decided they wanted her too. They offered to buy her, however, and it took a lot of diplomacy and tact to get out of a most unpleasant situation, and from that time on whenever Indians came in sight, Miranda was hidden down in a little hole they arranged for her, in the bottom of the wagon. As you can imagine, such a way of hiding was far from comfortable for Miranda at times. It was when they were fording the Snake River that mother and the children had a terrifying experience, that, looking back at it from today, seems strange. They reached the fording place late in the day, and, owing to the near by annoying Indians, were anxious to get on the other side without delay. When the wagons crossed -- the women and children being floated across in wagon boxes, made water-proof for that purpose --mother and her children were left on the bank, to be carried over later. In the crossing there was trouble with the stock, and other things of an unforeseen nature happened, and before it was realized darkness had settled down -- and there was mother and her little folk, with no food and no protection from the cold, and unfriendly Indians lurking in the background. To attempt to cross the river, cold and swift as it was, in the darkness, was suicide. There was nothing to do but wait till morning, with what feelings may be imagined. Mother always said it was nothing but her trust in God that helped her live through that awful night, as the children and she crowded close together for warmth and comfort, in a silence that formed their only protection from the redskins. At the break of day, of course, they were rescued.

    It was late in the autumn when they arrived in Portland, where they camped on what is now the block just north of the civic auditorium. Father was a stone mason. He took up a donation land claim in what is now Montavilla, one of his boundary lines running east for a mile along the Base Line, and then one mile north.

    Father and mother were both very religious, but they were Southerners and they, or at least father had the fiery southern temper. Mother was a charter member of the Centenary Methodist church on East Stark, which was organized at our home at East Sixth and Pine streets. This recalls a story that father never liked very much being reminded of, but the family always, in after years, got quite a laugh out of it. The incident occurred sometime after the Stark Street ferry was in operation under Captain Foster, who was quite a friend of father's. Father, with one of my older sisters was going over to the Taylor Street Methodist Church. They were descending the ferry slip, and were all ready to step aboard the ferry, when the boat pulled out suddenly, leaving them standing there --and already late for church. Father was furious. He was short and thick-set, with a bull-like neck, and when he was mad he was awful mad. He shook his fist at Captain Foster, up in the pilot-house, and, I guess, Captain Foster must have laughed, for when he returned to the east bank, father was madder than ever and didn't hesitate to let the world know. The man exchanged ugly words, and one thing led to another, until finally they were at it, hammer and tongs. Foster tried to stick his thumb in father's eye, in good old frontier-fight fashion, and father grabbed the thumb in his mouth and bit it nearly off. By this time there was a big bunch of spectators, and of course they interfered and separated the two men, and Father, still sputtering, finally returned home, all torn and bloody, and far from looking the respectable, Christian church attendant who had left the house an hour or so earlier. You'd have thought those two men would have been enemies ever after, but they weren't. The next morning, when father boarded the ferry, he said "Hello, Cap", and Captain Foster grinned and responded, "Hello, Cas", and that was the end of it.

    Father never drank, but he came of a race of drinking men, and he must have liked the taste of liquor. Anyway he was afraid of it. During his life-time he always kept a diary. There were a lot of these in mother's possession after his death. If I had them I could give you a priceless store of folklore and anecdotes, but mother made me promise to burn them at her death and I did. I think one reason she wanted them destroyed was father's frequent allusion to being tempted of the devil. Over and over again this entry occurred, "Tempted of the devil today." Once, when he was custodian of a warehouse where liquor was stored, the odor was almost too much for him, so I have been told, and he got down on his knees and prayed for strength to resist the temptation. Well, since he did resist, I think those entries, "Tempted of the devil today," are something to be proud of, and I've sometimes been sorry I destroyed the diaries."

    .Lucinda Cason, born Abt 1821 in Screven Co GA; died 4 May 1873 in Washington Co IL ??. She married (1) Josiah East 11 Nov 1840 in Madison Co IL; born 21 Feb 1814 in Robertson Co TN; died 6 Nov 1844 in Washington Co IL. She married (2) Lewis K. Stewart 8 Sep 1848 in Nashville(Washington) IL

    Simeon Cason, born 25 Aug 1823 in Screven Co GA; died 16 Dec 1904 in Gainsboro(Independence)AR. He married (1) Sarah J. Leggett 15 Jan 1851 in Independence Co AR; born 1831 in AR; died 6 Nov 1887 in Gainsboro(Independence)AR. He married (2) Mary A. Swan 27 Jan 1889 in Independence Co AR.

    Notes for Simeon Cason:
    From 'Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas", by Goodspeed:
    Excerpts from pages 649-650: "Simeon Cason is an enterprsing farmer of Independence County, Ark., - - - - - -He was born in Georgia, August 25, 1823, and is a son of HILLARY and MARY (SMITH) CASON, natives of the "Old North State," the former's birth occurring April 3, 1779. Their marriage took place about 1803, and of thirteen children born to them (seven sons and six daughters) only two are living: Simeon, and a daughter, who is the wife of Jesse Ward, and now a resident of Washington. Hillary Cason was a member of the Baptist Church , and his wife was a Methodist.- - - - - - - -Simeon Cason was educated in the common schools of Madison County, ILL., - - - - - -- In 1861 he joined the army, and was in a number of hotly-contested engagements. He was also a soldier in the war with Mexico, being first sergeant in Capt. A.R. Porter's company, First Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry, commanded by Col. Archibald Yell. He was captured with Maj. Bourland, Maj. J.P. Gaines and Capt. Cassius M. Clay, at Incarnation, Mexico, and taken from there to the City of Mexico, remaining until the city was captured by Gen Winfield Scott. "

    (Dons note: In 1861, Simeon & brother Martin Cason, & nephews, Oliver Berry Cason (son of Martin) & Calvin East (son of Permelia) joined the Confederate Army together. Confederate Army records show they were in New Co H, 8th Ark Infantry operating under General Bragg in the Tennessee Campaigns.

    James Cason, born 1827 in Screven Co GA.

    Sarah Cason, born 1828 in Screven Co GA. She married Charles Sneed.

    William L. Cason, born 1832 in Madison Co IL; died Jul 1854 in Independence Co AR.

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