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Gaylor Don McKinney's GAYLOR Notes

JAMES GAYLOR, the Revolutionary War veteran who settled in northeast Georgia around 1815, was born in North Carolina about 1754. It is not known for sure where in North Carolina he came from, however, based on census & some circumstantial evidence, I believe the following to be his connection in North Carolina. The North Carolina connection is verified via recent DNA. Any legitimate clarification and/or specific information concerning the NC/GA connections will be greatly appreciated.


James Gaylor was born between 1754-1762 in Duplin County, North Carolina & was the Revolutionary War veteran who served as a private in Coleman's Company of Col Abraham Shepard's 10th Regiment. This regiment recruited men from the Duplin County area and was organized at Kinston, NC.

It is not known where his parents originated before settling in North Carolina, however, it is evident that his father was James Gaylor Sr who received a Royal Grant of 160 acres in 1756 on Six Runs Creek of Duplin County NC. This area of western Duplin County became part of Sampson County in 1784. Court records in Duplin County NC indicate James Sr and wife Sarah died about 1770, leaving several orphaned children, including James, as well as George, Ann & Ruth. These orphans were left in charge of Henry Hollingsworth.


13 Mar 1756 -Patent Book 15 North Carolina (4884 pg 119) JAMES GAYLARD 100 acres in DUPLIN COUNTY on the W. side of the Six Runs and on a Branch of Marsh called Little Marsh, joining MICHAEL MURPHY and the fork of the sd. Marsh

24 Apr 1762 - Patent Book 15 North Carolina (6185 pg 425) JAMES GAYLOR 100 acres in DUPLIN COUNTY on the W. side of the Six Runs, joining MICHAEL MURFREY, both sides of Wolfpit Branch and the Doctors Marsh

24 Apr 1762 - Patent Book 15 North Carolina (6186 pg 425) JAMES GAYLOR 60 acres in DUPLIN COUNTY on the W. side of Six Runs, joining McCULLOUGH's line, MICHAEL MURPREY and the sd. Creek

There is no known connection between this Gaylor family of Duplin/Sampson County NC to the Gaylard/Gaylord families who resided in Beaufort/Hyde County area of North Carolina during the 1700’s and early 1800’s; Thomas, Jeremiah, John, James, etc. A member of the Beaufort/Hyde Co family, JAMES GAYLARD (born 1745, died 1806) who married ZILPHA WILEY was NOT the James Gaylor who settled in Georgia in 1815.

James Gaylor Jr (b 1754-1762) evidently moved to nearby Bladen County by 1790 while his brother George & his descendants remained in the Duplin County area. It seems almost confusing there were 2 James Gaylor men on this 1790 Bladen Co census.


1 Jan 1782 - Revolutionary War Accunts GAYLOR, JAMES Pvt 10th Regiment (Coleman's Company)//Col Abraham Shepard's Regiment Enlisted 12 months 1Jan1782 (Organized at Kinston near Duplin Co NC)

1784 - Tax Record (Sampson Co NC) JAMES GAYLOR, 150 acres, 1 free poll

1790 - Federal Census (Bladen Co NC/Wilmington District) Gaylor, James 1-5-2-0-0 Pg 186 Gaylor, James 1-1-2-0-0 Pg 186

1790 - Federal Census (Duplin Co, NC) GAYLOR George 1 0 2 (Brother of James, Jr)


By 1800 , it seems quite likely this James Gaylor of the Duplin Co area was the same individual who settled farther west in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, which was formed from Mechlenburg County and borders Rowan county. He purchased some land along the Rocky River. James became the progenitor & patriarch of this Cabarrus County, NC Gaylor family.


1800 - Federal Census (Cabarrrus Co, NC) GAILER, JAMES Born:1755-1774 23010/1101 (From Duplin/Sampson/BladenCoNC)

20 Aug 1808 - Land Records (Cabarrus County, NC) GAYLOR, JAMES sells to son Theophilus Gaylor 152 acres on Rocky River

1810 - Federal Census (Cabarrus Co, NC) GALEOR, JAMES 22101/11101 (Born: Before 1765) (Rev War vet who moved JacksonCoGA 1815)

11 Jul 1812 - Land Records (Cabarrus Co NC) GAYLOR, THEOPHILUS Sold 151 acres (the land he received from his father, James Gaylor. They both moved to NE GA by 1815)

War of 1812 - North Carolina Seventh Regt (Detached from the 2d Mechlenburg Regt/Just SW of Cabarrus) THEOPHILUS GAYLER (9th Company) JESSE CHAPLE (9th Company) (Note: Jesse Chaple married Sally Purviance in Cabarrus Co NC. His brother Allen Chappel married Sally's sister Patsy and all left for NE Georgia by 1820.) ANTHERIS PURVINS (8th Company) (Note: Purvins is a known variation/spelling for Purviance. Anthaires Purviance purchased land in Macoupin Co IL 11 Mar 1834. Probable close relative of Gabriel Gains Gaylor's wife Betsey Jane Purviance, also of Cabarrus County NC who moved to Illionois. Gabriel & Betsy had a son named ANTHAIRES Burns Gaylor)

26 Oct 1813 - Cabarrus Co NC (Marriage Record) THEOPHILUS GAYLOR married Mary "Polly" Davis (Note: Moved to NE Georgia with his father James soon after this marriage)

1820 - Federal Census (Cabarrus Co NC) pg 142 GAILOR, MILETRIGE 000100/01101 (Probable wife of James Gaylor)

Sometime between 1814 and 1815, it is believed by this researcher that James Gaylor of Cabarrus Co NC & at least 2 of his older sons, Theophilus b:1787 and John b:1790's, moved to northeast Georgia. It is quite possible that James divorced or deserted his wife whose name is believed to have been Miletrige/Miledridge, since she appears on the 1820 census with presumed youngest son Gabriel Gains Gaylor, b: abt 1803. Divorce seemed quite common with this family, i.e. Theophilus divorced his wife Sarah while in Georgia & a son of Theophilus, James H. Gaylor, divorced or deserted his wife Nancy in Arkansas.

Per some census, land & marriage records, other sons who remained in Cabarrus Co NC may have been Thomas b:1780's & William b:1790's. Thomas and William, as well as Miletrige had land transactions in Cabarrus County during the period 1814 thru 1820's. Per some census indications, Thomas & William may have later moved on to western Tennessee. (Not Campbell County or eastern TN)

It seems very possible that a youngest son of James was Gabriel Gains Gaylor, who later left Cabarrus Co NC & settled in Illinois during the 1830’s. Gabriel had married Betsey Jane Purviance & some members of this Purviance family also settled in Illinois while others went to Georgia. James Gaylor was the bondsman for Gabriel’s 1822 marriage who may have been another brother.

James Gaylor's 2d wife was Margaret "Peggy" Matthews who he married in Jackson County, GA in 1815 (later became Gwinett Co). Evidence suggests that around 1830, James & this 2d wife with children from both marriages moved to the extreme NW area of Georgia near Cave Springs in the Cherokee lands. This area became part of Floyd County in 1832. Old James evidently died during the 1830's while residing in this area. His son from this 2d marriage was Andrew James Gaylor (b: 1816 in Jackson/Gwinett Co GA), who later settled just across the state line in Cherokee Co AL & remained in that general area of NW GA & NE Alabama until his death in 1897. Andrew's grown children & descendants also remained in that same area of AL/GA during this time.

John Gaylor (b: 1798 NC), James Gaylor's probable son from the first marriage, had moved to TN & Franklin County, IL during the 1820's, back to TN during the 1830's before returning to this Cherokee Co AL/Floyd Co GA area around 1839. John Gaylor had married Sarah Downey in Jackson Co GA in 1819 & resided in Gwinett Co GA prior to his move to TN & IL. It is believed that John Gaylor was a half brother to Andrew James Gaylor, mentioned above. John settled in Meriwether Co GA during the 1840's. This was very near the SE part of Troup County where his probable brother Theophilus Gaylor, born about 1787, settled during the 1840's. In 1850, John settled with his family in Coosa County, AL. John & Sarah's son William (b:1827) & daughter Elizabeth Meeks & families returned to the Floyd & Chatooga Co GA/Cherokee Co AL area during the 1860's and resided near their Uncle Andrew James Gaylor & his family. (See Notes on John Gaylor, b:1798, of Coosa Co AL) (See Notes on Andrew James Gaylor, which includes service records for military service in Seminole War of 1830's)

27 Jan 1815 - Marriage Record (Jackson Co GA JAMES GALOR married PEGGY MATTHEWS (Peggy is nickname for MARGARET//2d marriage of James Gaylor, born 1754-62 NC; Andrew James Gaylor, born 1816, was their first son and John Gaylor, born 1790's, later of Coosa Co AL was a probable step-son of Margaret “Peggy”)

1817 - Tax List (Jackson Co GA) JAMES GAYLOR (Rev War vet & father of John Gaylor, born 1790's) JOSEPH DOWNEY (Rev War vet & father of SARAH, who married John Gaylor)

20Jan1819 - Marriage Record (Jackson Co GA) JOHN GAYLOR(born 1790's) married SARAH DOWNEY(born abt 1797) (Son of Rev War vet James Gaylor)

1820 - Federal Census (Gwinett Co GA) pg 267 MARGARET GAILOR, b:1776-1794 (Males 110000/Fem 21110) 6 Children (Note: Margaret "Peggy" Matthews, mentioned above, who married Rev War vet JAMES GAYLOR in Jackson Co GA in 1815. Highly probable that this was a 2d marriage for both. James was in prison during this census. Margaret was the mother of Andrew James Gaylor, b:1816. Old James was probably the father of the younger females of this census, with the older children being from Margaret's first marriage.)

1820 -Federal Census (Habersham Co Ga) GAYLER, THEOPHILUS 400010/00010 pg 114 Littleton MEEKS Britton MEEKS (In Baldwin Co GA)

1820 - Federal Census (Gwinett Co GA) pg 264 JOHN GAILOR, b:1798 (Males 000100/Fem 10100) (John & Sarah Downey Gaylor with daughter M. Emeline) Joseph Downey pg 264

20 Mar 1820 - State Prison Census (Gwinett Co GA) JAMES GAYLOR, Age 66, NC, 5ft 6 1/2 in, Fair, Eyes Grey, Hair Grey; 1 year sentence for cattle stealing, 20 Mar 1820 - 20 Mar 1821 (Served his sentence)

11 Nov 1827 - Land Lottery (Gwinett Co GA) JAMES GAILOR JOSEPH DOWNEY (Both drew land for Revolutionary War service)

1827 LAND LOTTERY OF GEORGIA 16th DAY'S DRAWING-March 24. GWINNETT. page 46 Fortunate Drawers: James Gailer, R. S., Captains District: Moores Number: 230 District: 4 County: Lee County

REPRINT of OFFICIAL REGISTER of LAND LOTTERY OF GEORGIA 1827 First and Second days Drawing--6th & 7th March GWINNETT. page 2 Fortunate Drawers: Joseph Downey, R. S., Captains District: Moores Number: 21 District: 13 County: Lee County

1824 - 27 Tax Defaulter (Gwinett County, GA) THEOPHILUS GAYLOR (Oldest son of Rev War vet James Gaylor)

1830/31 - From "Whites Among the Cherokees" Oaths of Allegiance & Lists of White Settlers Cherokee Land NW GA/north of Chatahoochie River. JAMES GAYLOR, wife & 7 children

- - - - - - - - - -

(Note: This was Rev War vet James with 2d wife Margaret & younger children, including Andrew James Gaylor, b:1816. The other children were from James & Margaret's previous marriages. This land opened up legally to whites in 1832 with James being considered an "Intruder" when he settled there around 1830. Evidently he was granted permission to remain in the area, which was near Cave Spring, later to become part of Floyd County, Georgia. See Notes below for son Andrew James Gaylor and his Indian War Service Records of 1830's which documents his family's settlement in this area)

1840 - Floyd Co GA (Federal Census) (District 829 near Cave Springs) A.J. GALOR, b:1810-1820 (Males 10011/Fem 00010001) (Andrew James Gaylor (b:1816); He married Sarah Deal in Cherokee Co AL in 1837 a couple of miles across the state line, but returned to Floyd Co GA during the 1840 census. (Resided in both places during 1840's). Older woman, b:1780-90 in household was mother MARGARET "Peggy".
Close neighbors, 2 houses down, were B.(Britain) MEEKS, L.(Littlebury) & A.(Archibald) MEEKS. BRITAIN MEEKS' was the father whose younger sons Hosa & Redding later married daughters of John & Sarah Downey Gaylor) MARGARET was also living with Andrew during 1850/1860 & 1870 census in Cherokee Co AL. (Note: Andrew's probable half-brother, John Gaylor & family had returned from Tennessee and were just across the line in Cherokee Co AL during this census.)

1850 - Floyd Co GA (Federal Census) 30th Sub Div near Cave Springs A.J. GALOR, 34, born GA, Farmer, $700 real estate Elizabeth 29, born SC/Francis M 12, Mary 8, William 7, Robert H 4, Margaret 2 and MARGARET GALOR 69, born SC (Mother of Andrew)

19May1852 - Bounty Land Grant ANDREW J. GAYLER, for Florida/Seminole War Service, Capt Townsend's Co, Maj Nelson's Highland Bn, GA Militia; received 40 acres in AL #57621. Also received 120 acres under separate grant.

Muster Roll from Capt Townsend's Co of GA Vol ANDREW J. GAILOR, sergeant, enrolled July 4 1836 at Camp Scott GA and discharged Oct 1 1836 at Camp Scott GA. Promoted to sergeant 26 Sep 1836 from private.

1892 - Farill, Cherokee Co AL (Pension application #353, Cert #442) ANDREW J. GAYLOR (For above Indian War Service) Declaration dated 11 Aug 1892, Farill, AL "I have been ruptured since 1846 and have the itching piles & with the infirmaties of old age makes me unable to earn a support by my labor." - - - -received 2 land warrants for (1 for 40 & 1 for 120) 160 acres - - - - -since leaving the service this applicant has resided in the States of Alabama & Georgia - - - -prior to his entry into the service above named his occupation was that of a Farmer & Blacksmith" signed ANDREW J. GAYLOR

Invalid pension application, Dept of Interior dated 21 Nov 1892, P.O. Farill, Ala Wife: Elizabeth Gaylor, Maiden Name Elizabeth Deal. Married 13 Aug 1837 in Cherokee Co AL. Children: FM Gaylor born 21Dec1838/Mary J 21Feb1842/Wm J. 21Sep1843/Robt H. 17Oct1846/Margaret 14Jan1849/Harriet E. 1851 no month/James N. 9Dec1853/Sarah A. 24Apr1856/Almeda J. 15Dec1859/Andrew L. 2Dec1862/Thomas A. 6Sep1865. Signed: A.J. GAYLOR

Affidavit dated 28 Nov 1892, Farill, Cherokee Co AL: "I am a citizen of the United States, having been born in Gwinett County, State of Georgia on the 1st day of June 1816; I have resided in the State of GA until I was 17 yrs old." signed ANDREW J. GAYLOR (Note: Actually born in Jackson Co GA & raised in Gwinett Co GA. Gwinett Co formed from Jackson Co in 1818, after his birth)

Application for Re-Issue of Invalid Pension dated 15 Jun 1897 "Andrew J. Gaylor aged 81 yrs, a resident of the town of Lyerly county of Chatooga State of Georgia"- - - - - - "That he is Entirely unable to earn a support by reason of Old Age and blind, loss of Eye sight" signed ANDREW J. GAYLOR

1897 - Lyerly, Chatooga Co GA (Pension application #7233, Cer #5342) ANDREW J. GAYLOR's widow Sarah E. Gaylor filed for above Indian War Service) Declaration of Widow dated 22 Jul 1897
"SARAH E. GAYLER a resident of Lyerly in the County of Chatooga in the State of Georgia - - - - -"that her husband enlisted near Cave Spring, GA - - - - -that she was married under the name of Sarah E. Deal to her said husband, by Rev Whitfield Anthony on or about the 13 day of Aug 1837 at Cherokee Co Ala" - - - - -her husband died near Lyerly in the State of Georgia" Sarah E. Gayler (signed with X)

Physician's Affidavit dated 23 Nov 1898 Dr B.F. Shamblin of Chatoogaville, Chatooga Co GA. "he was acquainted with said Andrew J. Gayler deceased for about nine years prior to his death. - - - was Gayler's family physician for four years prior to his death. - - - - -that Andrew J. Gayler died on the 28 (twenty eight) day of June 1897 in said county - Affiant lived within two miles of said deceased continuously for four years prior to his death." Cause of death was "remittent fever"

Indian Wars, Pensioner Dropped. U.S. Pension Agency, Knoxville Tenn. Aug 1 1904 Pensioner: Sarah E. Gayler Soldier: Andrew J. Gayler "the above-named pensioner who was last paid at $8, to 4 Aug 1903 has been dropped because of death. Died 8 Sept 1903" signed J.Y. Wilder


No CLOSE relationships or connections have been established with the following GAYLOR families whose descendants settled in Okla: Future connections may eventually be made if we go back far enough.

1. CAMPBELL CO TN GAYLOR's (Jesse/Allen/John/Thomas/Levi/James Gaylor all born in VA) Believed to be sons of Jesse or Thomas Gaylor (born 1760's or early 1770's)
Jesse Gaylor (born 1818, from Campbell Co TN) settled in Dekalb Co AL & later in northwest AR. Son Willis Gaylor died in Leach, OK other son Mint Levi Gaylor died in Skiatook, OK; Other descendants settled throughout northeast OK.
Allen Gaylor (born Abt 1808) settled in Dekalb Co AL with brother Jesse. Allen's son Eli Gaylor settled in North TX and eventually Ardmore & Marietta OK. John Gaylor(born 1798 VA) & Thomas Gaylor(born 1803 VA) remained in Campbell Co, TN; Levi Gaylor (born 1810) went to Whitley Co KY. (Note: Jesse & Allen Gaylor, originally from Virginia & Campbell Co TN, were in Dekalb Co AL during the 1840's-1860's near Cherokee County AL where the other Gaylor family settled during the 1830's. This other Gaylor family came from NC/GA and were not in Virginia or Campbell Co TN, however, these families may possibly be connected if we go back far enough. See Notes on James Gaylor (b: 1754 NC), John Gaylor (b: 1798 NC & died Coosa Co AL) & Andrew James Gaylor (b: 1816 GA) for more information concerning this other family)

2. BRANSON, MO GAYLER's (Calvin, born 1822 & Cassandra Gayler) No known connection, however, Calvin came from Tennessee, but it is not known if his ancestors were from the Virginia or North Carolina groups. This family has been researched by Larry Gayler of San Angelo, TX who is a descendant of Calvin's son James B.P. Gayler (b:1840's) who left Taney Co MO and settled in Mountain View, Stone Co AR. Some descendants later settled in northeast Okla.

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