(Transcribed from copy of original by Don McKinney)
Enoch Marion Jones wrote letters to wife Elizabeth's brother John W. Yates in Saltillo, Hardin County, Tennessee (Originals in possession of John W. Yates' descendant Mary Yates Villeret of St Charles MO)
11 Aug 1887 - Sebastian Co Ark.
(Quote) "E.M. Jones to John W. Yates and famley. John you wanted to know about Willis Jones and George Warren and Dalles Warren they are ded tha dide in time of the war. John i want you to write to me about all of the people and what has becom of them and Sam and Joe and Rufus and Martha Delany and all the rest of the connection and where tha are and what tha are doing. John Jones lives in Matterson county and George Langston and Ann lives in Franklin county neare Webb City it is their post office. Charles Morgan lives in Newton county on buffalo River. B.W. Jones and Caroline Dial, Mary Warren all live in Arkanse. John i want you to come out heare this fall and see us i want you to rite jest as soon as you geat this latter. E.M. Jones and famley to John W. Yates and famley.
E.M. Jones. When this you see remember me." (End Quote)
At bottom of letter: From daughter America Dorthula Jones
(Quote) "A.D. Jones, Dear Uncle and Aunt I have just got home from school I am studying fifth grade arithmetic grammar and word book. I would like to see you awful well. Well uncle I want you to come out here." (End Quote)

(Don's note: Willis Jones, mentioned by Enoch, may have been his youngest brother William, born 1841. A brother was supposedly killed by lightning in Arkansas, per Ruby (Meeks) Bracken. George & Dallas Warren were Enoch's nephew/niece and children of Mary & Preston Warren, who also left Tennessee & moved to Arkansas. John Jones, B.W. Jones, Caroline Dial, & Mary Warren were Enoch's brothers/sisters. Charles Morgan married Enoch's sister Dorthula Harriet. Ann Langston was Enoch's daughter, who married George Langston. Sam, Joe, Rufus, & Martha Delany were the uncles & aunt of Enoch's wife Mariah Elizabeth (Yeates) Jones.)

- - - - - -
25 March 1912 - Charleston, Ark. Enoch Jones wrote to wife Mariah's sister-in-law Rebecca Yates (John W.'s widow) in Tennessee. Their daughter America Meeks took the dictation, since the letter was in her handwriting. America also wrote a note at bottom of the letter.
(Quote) "Charleston Ark, R. No 1, March 25 '12. Mrs R.A. Yates, Dear Sister how are you by this time. We are both about as well as usual getting pretty feeble though. Well how do you like living in town. We have been trying town life this winter but don't like it. We moved to Paris, Ark. with William my son this December but we came back last week no town life for me. William is practicing medicine at Paris. We are living with America now. We have certainly had an old fashioned winter havn't we it has just been awful cold here and the spring is so backward there is not been much farming done yet. Well I will hush for this time. Write soon and let us know how you are getting along as ever. Your Brother and Sister, E.M. Jones" (End Quote)

(Don's note): 25 March 1998: A telephone conversation with Weta (Muse) Womack. Weta stated that her mother "Clemmie" (Meeks) Muse (born 1906) often claimed that her Grandmother, Mariah Elizabeth (Yeates) Jones, wife of Enoch Marion Jones, was one quarter Cherokee, but looked full blooded. Weta also stated that Clemmie and my Grandmother Hester (Jones) Thomasson (born 1895), who were first cousins, were also "very close friends". A grandson of Mariah's brother John Wesley Yates, (Iley Yates), also claimed his grandfather was part "Indian". My Grandmother, Hester (Jones) Thomasson, had once told me that some of her ancestors were "part Indian", but did not mention their names, that I can recall.

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