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Enoch & Mariah Jones

Married 16 May 1855 Decatur County, Tennessee


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Enoch Marion & Mariah Elizabeth (Yeates) Jones
Abt 1880

Donald Earl McKinney,Jr

ENOCH MARION JONES was born 31 May 1830 near Winchester in northern Franklin County, TN (near the Grundy & Coffee Co lines) where his parents Britton & Edy (Hardcastle) Jones owned land along the Elk River. Enoch's father Britton was the son of Benjamin Jones, a Revolutionary War veteran from South Carolina who settled in Georgia with wife Susannah & several small sons (including Britton) during the 1790's, but eventually moved his family along the Elk River near Winchester in northern Franklin County, Tennessee by 1812.

According to family tradition, Enoch's mother Edy was part Cherokee and was born in the Cherokee country of western NC/SC. She was the daughter of Robert & Susannah(Wilkinson) Hardcastle, who also settled near Winchester in Franklin County, TN after leaving North Carolina about 1812. Enoch's parents Britton & Edy were married in Franklin County, TN in 1817. Enoch's father died in 1845.

A few years after his father's death, Enoch along with his mother, brothers & sisters moved to Decatur County, Tennessee along the Tennessee River. They evidently resided in the extreme southeast corner of Decatur very near the Hardin County line and became close neighbors to the Yeates & Delaney families. Enoch's uncle, Allen Jones, also resided in this SE area of Decatur County. Allen had left Franklin County several years before.

In 1855, while still in Decatur County, TN, Enoch married MARIAH ELIZABETH YEATES, daughter of James & Margaret (Delaney) Yeates. Mariah was known as "Elizabeth" by her family & friends. Enoch's older brother Rev. John Henry Jones married Mariah Elizabeth's sister Martha Ann & a double wedding ceremony was performed. Also according to family tradition, Enoch & Mariah Elizabeth lived on a houseboat on the Tennessee River after their marriage. This family tradition with the Arkansas & Tennessee descendants of James & Margaret Yeates also suggests that these two Jones families, around 1860, built a sturdy raft made of logs and traveled down the Tennessee & Mississippi Rivers and other tributories to northwest Arkansas. Both families eventually ended up in the Ozark Mountains near Jasper, Newton County, Arkansas where they resided along the Buffalo River for several years. Enoch's sisters Mary Warren (widow of Preston Warren) and Caroline Dial (wife of Isaac Dial) also settled in northwest Arkansas a few years later. Another sister, Harriet Dorthula Morgan, wife of Charles G. Morgan, settled in Mississippi as did brother Britton Washington Jones shortly before the beginning of the Civil War.

In 1863, during the Civil War, Enoch enlisted in the Union army, Co D, 2d Ark Cavalry at Jasper, Ark while his younger brother Britton, who, as previously mentioned, had moved on to Mississippi by 1860, joined the Confederate army, Co C, 42d Regiment Mississippi Volunteer Infantry, Heath's Division. Enoch's sister Dorthula's husband Charles Morgan also served in Co C of this 42d MS Regiment. It was truly brother against brother. In 1870 Enoch with wife Mariah Elizabeth along with their daughter Margaret & their baby boy, William Enoch, moved to the Auburn/Center Valley area of Sebastian County, Ark. Mariah's sister Martha died in Newton County in 1879 and was buried in Old Cowell/Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Enoch's brother John H., now a widower, settled with his children near Webb City in Franklin County, Arkansas about 30 miles northeast of where Enoch lived. After a house fire, John moved his family to the Huntsville area of Madison County, Ark just north of the Boston Mountains. A few years after the war, Enoch's brother Britton left Mississippi & also moved his family to the Webb City area of Franklin County, Arkansas as did sisters Mary Warren and Dorthula Morgan. Enoch's mother Edy Jones & sister Susan Dial & family remained in Tennessee, but the widowed Susan moved on to the extreme southeast boot of Missouri in Dunklin County with her sons during the 1870's.

Enoch, through the years, had accumulated over 200 acres of prime farm land in Sebastian County within a mile of Franklin County in Section 33 of Township 7N (Bates) & sections 4 & 5 of Township 6N (Eagle) in Range 29 West. He lived less than a mile southwest of Rev Martin Alonzo East who also had acquired over 200 acres of farm land in section 32/33 & section 4 of these townships. Enoch's sister Caroline Dial resided east of him, south of Rev East's place, also in section 4 of Township 6N (Eagle). This area was on the north side of Backbone Ridge, northeast of the Big Creek Narrows and due east less than 2 miles from the old Center Valley Community, about 2 or 3 miles southeast of Auburn.

Mariah Elizabeth's mother Margaret Yeates & brothers John Wesley & James Henry Yates remained in Tennessee & resided just across the Decatur County line in Saltillo, Hardin County. They all kept in close contact with each other throughout the years. Mariah Elizabeth died in 1914, but Enoch died many years later in 1927 at the ripe old age of 97. Both were buried in Pinnell Cemetery near Auburn, Ark, but this cemetery was relocated to the Center Valley Cemetery south of Bloomer during World War II, after the establishment of Fort Chaffee. (Note: See notes on Mariah Elizabeth Yeates for more on her ancestors)
MARIAH ELIZABETH YEATES was born 23 February 1838 in Perry County, Tennessee, the daughter of James & Margaret (Delaney) Yeates. She was called "Elizabeth" by most of her family & friends.

Her father James was the son of Daniel & Arrilla (Williams) Yeates of the Onlow & Cumberland County area of North Carolina. James' mother died in 1808 while in NC and his father Daniel remarried, taking the family to Maury County, Tennesse where he himself died during the War of 1812, leaving young James & his siblings orphans. James left Maury County and settled near the Tennessee River in Perry County during the 1830's, the part that later became Decatur County. This is where he met Mariah Elizabeth's mother, Margaret Ann Delaney.

Mariah Elizabeth's mother, Margaret, came to Hardin County, Tennessee with her parents John & Ruth (Sherrill) Delaney from Greene County, Tenn around 1823. These families all lived along the Tennessee River near the small town of Saltillo in the same general area of Decatur & Hardin counties. As an infant, "Elizabeth" moved with her family to Cape Girardeau Co, MO, but they all returned to Decatur/Hardin County area of Tenn about 1845.

Mariah Elizabeth met her husband ENOCH MARION JONES in Decatur County where they were married in 1855. Family tradition suggests that Mariah Elizabeth was also part Cherokee, probably from her mother Margaret Ann (Delaney) Yeates. Mariah Elizabeth's brother, John Wesley Yates and his descendants who remained in Tennessee share this same tradition. Old tintypes of the Yates/Delaney family strongly suggest this Cherokee ancestry. It was brother John Wesley Yates who changed the spelling of his branch of the family name to YATES during the Civil War. Mariah Elizabeth died in 1914. (See notes on husband Enoch Jones for continuation)

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Children of Enoch Marion & Mariah Elizabeth (Yeates) Jones:

Born: 1 Mar 1856 Decatur Co TN
Died: 2 Feb 1933 Auburn(Sebastian) AR
Married: George W. Langston in 1881 Sebastian Co AR

Born: 6 Jul 1869 Jasper (Newton) AR
Died: 25 Dec 1931 Little Rock(Pulaski) AR
Married: Annie Phoebe East 4 May 1887 Auburn (Sebastian) AR

Born: 17 May 1875 Auburn (Sebastian) AR
Died: 29 May 1969 Auburn (Sebastian) AR
Married: William Kidwell Meeks 16 Dec 1891 Charleston(Franklin) AR


Parents of Enoch Marion Jones: BRITTON & EDY (HARDCASTLE) JONES

Parents of Mariah Elizabeth (Yeates) Jones: JAMES & MARGARET (DELANEY) YEATES

(Note: Other descendants of Enoch & Mariah Jones who have contributed information: Fern & Hoyt Duncan of Wilburton, OK; Weta Womack of Wilburton, OK; Also, Mary (Yates) Villeret of St Charles MO for her contributions on the Yeates/Yates family in Tennessee)

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