ELIAS FISH 1802-1855

Donaod E. McKinney Jr (Researcher)
Elias Fish was born abt 1802 in New York but was raised in Connecticut. The identify of his parents is not known at this time. During the early 1820's, Elias moved to Fairfield Co SC where he married Cynthia McCants, daughter of Samuel McCants. During the 1830's, they moved to GA & Sumpter County AL. About 1840, they moved on to the Itawamba & Tishomingo County area of northeast MS. They were in Harris Co GA during the 1850 census while son Jason Samuel & family resided in Oktibbeha Co MS. Elias, Cynthia & their younger children moved on to the Parker & Denton Co area of NE TX where Elias died about 1855. Son Jason Samuel had moved on to Lincoln Co AR by this time.
(See notes on widow Cynthia (McCants) Fish for continuation)
10 Apr 1827 - Fairfield District SC (Mortgage Record, Vol HH pages 145-147)
Quote Excerpts: "South Carolina - Know all men by these presents that I ELIAS FISH of the district of Fairfield and State aforesaid blacksmith for and in consideration of four hundred dollars to me paid by S. McCANTS have given granted bargained sold and released and these presents do grant bargain sold & release unto SAMUEL McCANTS all that plantation on tract of land containing two hundred & ninety nine and three fourths acres more or less- - - - - situated in the District of Fairfield on the head waters of Big Cedar Creek, waters of Broad river and bound on the north by Edward Palmer's land - - - - - to hold all and singular the said premises unto the said SAMUEL McCANTS his heirs and assigns forever. And I do hereby bind myself my heirs executors and administrators to warent and forever defend all and sigular the said premises to the said SAMUEL McCANTS his heirs and assigns against myself and my heirs and against every other person whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof. Whereas the above mentioned tract of land was purchased by ELIAS FISH (on the 17th day of Oct 1826) on a credit and whereas the said SAMUEL McCANTS did sign (with him the said ELIAS FISH) as security for the payment of four hundred dollars being the full consideration money for the bond aforesaid. The conditions of the above is therefore such that if the said ELIAS FISH keep the said SAMUEL McCANTS free of all costs charges and expences which may arise against him in consequence of securityship as aforesaid - Then the above obligation to be void and of - - -or else to remain in full force power and virtue - Witness my hand and seal this 5th day of April A.D. one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven and in the 51st year of the Independence of the United States of America. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of U.A.M. ? Legga; Mary Colman." Elias Fish (Signature)
(Note: The headwater part of Big Cedar Creek which flows west into the Broad River is located about 1.5 miles SW of the small town of Ridgeway. Take SR S20-74 south for about 1 to 1.5 miles. If there is an accessible road, turn east (left) and go about 1400 feet to reach Big Cedar Creek. Ridgeway is 11 miles SE of Winnsboro.)

8 Nov 1833 - Fairfield District SC (Land Record, Vol LL page 121)
Quote Excerpt: " State of South Carolina - Know all men by these presents that I ELIAS FISH of the District of Fairfield and state aforesaid for & in consideration of nine hundred dollars to me paid by James B. Coleman of the said state & district, have granted bargained sold & released & by these presents do grant bargain sell release unto the said James B, all that plantation on a tract of land containing one hundred & ninety nine acres more or less being part of a tract originally granted to William Saunders for one thousand acres the 12th day of July 1771 & being that part whereon ELIAS FISH now resides bounded NW by lands granted to Archibald McNeel now held by Edward J. Palmer, NE by land said off for Ann B. McCants & by land of John Hollis & SW by land of John Hollis, situated lying & being in the District & State aforesaid on the waters of Cedar Creek, waters of Broad River - - - - Witness my hand & seal this 8th day of November A.D. 1833. Signed sealed and delivered in presence of SAMUEL A. McCANTS; ROBERT McCANTS." Elias Fish (Signature)

"South Carolina - Fairfield District. I George R. Hunter Notary Public & justice of the peace for the District aforesaid do certify unto all whom it may concern that CYNTHIA FISH the wife of the within named ELIAS FISH did this day appear before me & upon being privately & separately advised did declare that she did freely & voluntarily without any compunction threat or fear of any persons or persons whomsoever, renounce release & forever relinquish unto the within named James B. Coleman his heirs and assigns all her interest & estate & also all her right & claim of dower, of in & to all & singular the premises within mentioned and released. Given under my hand & seal the 29th day of November 1833. Geo. R. Hunter, Notary pub & JP" Cynthia Fish (Signature)
1841 - Itawamba Co MS (State Census)
ELIAS FISH No Township (9 in household)
DR. GOINS (3 in household)

1843 - Itawamba Co MS (Federal Land Purchase)
NW of Section 32, Twp 7S, Range 10E
Land Office: PONTOTOC//Document Number: 13155//CASH ENTRY SALE
Signature: YES//Signature Date: 1843/06/15
Land Description Number: 1//Aliquot Parts: NW//Section Number: 32
Image Name: 00002918//Volume ID: 547//Township: 7S Range: 10E
Total Acres: 160.1500
Accession Number: MS3000__.220

1843 - Tishomingo Co MS (Federal Land Purchase)
SE, Section 24, Twp 6S, Range 10E
Land Office: PONTOTOC//Document Number: 13156//CASH ENTRY SALE Signature: YES//Signature
Date: 1843/06/15
Land Description Number: 1//Aliquot Parts: SE//Section Number: 24
Image Name: 00002919//Volume ID: 547//Township: 6S Range: 10E
Total Acres: 163.6500
Accession Number: MS3000__.221
(NOTE: Also resided in Sumpter County, AL during this time)
1850 - Federal Census (Harris Co GA/Goodman District/Pg 086/Fam539)
FISH, ELIAS/48/NY/Blacksmith/300/__
Everard U./age 21 SC (Blacksmith)
A.C./age 19 SC
Eveline/age 14 SC
James T. Land, age 11, born AL
(Note: James T. Land was probably the son of Cynthia's sister who married Mr Land, which suggests he was orphaned.)

Cynthia (McCants) Fish was born about 1806 in Fairfield Co SC and was the daughter of Samuel McCants, a planter & slave owner in that area. Around 1826, she married Elias Fish who had settled in Fairfield from Connecticut several years prior to their marriage. They moved to AL, GA, MS and eventually Parker & Denton Co area of TX where Elias died. There are no official records of the family in Parker County (Weatherford) and they may not have resided there long. The only evidence we have of the Weatherford connection is "family tradition". Cynthia resided with daughter Eveline Throckmorton & family during the 1860 census near Little Elm of Denton Co TX. Daughter Eveline had married Robert Throckmorton in nearby Collin Co TX in 1855 and it is very possible that her father Elias died and is buried near the Little Elm area of Denton Co.
Cynthia moved back east to Lincoln Co Arkansas and resided near son Jason Samuel Fish & family. She died there in 1871 and is buried in the Newton Chapel Cemetery near Cornerville & Star City.
(Note: Newton Chapel Cemetery is on Highway 11 SW from Star City. Cemetery is on left in the curve of the highway next to Newton Chapel Presbyterian Church.)
1860 - Federal Census(Denton Co TX/Pg 405 Little Elm)
FISH, CYNTHIA/57/SC/w/daug EvelineThrockmorton

1870 - Federal Census (Lincoln Co AR/MillCreekTwp/Pg10Fam90)
FISH, JASON/43/SC/Farmer/1000/300
CYNTHIA FISH/64/SC w/family

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