Brit & Edy Jones

BRITTON JONES (1789-1845)

Married 1817 Franklin County, Tennessee


(Donald Earl McKinney Jr)

These notes were compiled from material gathered since 1980 by personal research & correspondence. Other than my grandmother, aunts & other individuals mentioned in the narrative, I am especially grateful to the following "cousins" whose records, photographs, stories & oral traditions, along with my own, helped us all gain a better understanding of our Jones family heritage.

The late Jessie Parks, Broken Arrow, OK//The late Faye Capehart, Lodi, CA
Linda Durbin, Auburn, WA (Descendants of Dorthula Harriet Jones Morgan)

Hoyt & Fern Duncan, Wilburton, OK//Weta Womack, Wilburton, OK
The late Ruby (Meeks) Bracken, Ft Smith, AR (Descendants of Enoch Marion Jones)

Bonnie Ray, Muskogee OK//Ona Holler,Bakersfield CA (Descendants of Rev John Henry Jones)

Larry Dyer, Richardson, TX (Descendant of Susan Jones Dial)
BRITTON JONES was born 9 Oct 1789, probably in 96 District, South Carolina. He was the son of BENJAMIN & SUSANNAH JONES who resided in that area of South Carolina during the Revolution. This part of old 96 District later became part of Union & present day Cherokee County, SC. Evidence suggests their friends, neighbors & other relatives resided just across the line in Rutherford County, NC during this time. It is also believed that as a young boy, Britton and his brothers all came with their parents to northeast Georgia, probably during the late 1790's.

In 1812, Britton along with his parents and most of his brothers settled near Winchester, Franklin County, Tennessee. His father Benjamin had purchased some land along the Elk River in the northeast part of Franklin County, near the Coffee & Grundy county lines. Britton served in War of 1812 as a Corporal in the 1st Regiment of Tennessee Militia under Capt Barbe Collins and Col William Metcalf. His father Benjamin died in 1815 about the time Britton was discharged.

In 1817, Britton married EDITHA "Edy" HARDCASTLE, the daughter of ROBERT & SUSANNAH (WILKINSON) HARDCASTLE who left Rutherford County, NC & settled along the Elk River about 1810. Edy, born about 1800, was supposedly part Cherokee, per family tradition, however, no actual evidence can be found. Britton died in 1845, however, his graavesite has not been located. It is quite possible he was buried in the old Watson Cemetery where his parents were buried.
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1814-1815 (Military rolls for Britton Jones)
"Metcalfe's W. Tenn. Militia, BRITTON JONES, Corp; Captain Barbe Collins' Co. of Inf., 1 Reg't West Tennessee Militia. (War of 1812) Appears on Company Muster Roll for Nov 13 1814 when mustered into service Roll dated Camp Hynes Nov 18, 1814. Date of Appointment or enlistment, Nov 13, 1814 to May 13, 1815; Term of service charged, 6 months; Pay per month, 10 dollars, Amount of pay 60 dollars."
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1 Jan 1838 - Franklin Co TN (Land Records, Book Q, pg 58) BRITTON JONES sold 110 acres on the waters of Elk River to James & John Knight for $700.
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1930's - Letter written by Lydia (Morgan) Cantrell, daughter of Dorthula Harriet (Jones) Morgan to her sister-in-law Susan Morgan, wife of Lydia's brother Charles Britton Morgan:
Excerpts "I will tell you all about our family tree. - - - -Mother's name was Dorthula Harriet Jones, borned in Franklin Co. Tenn, 26 June 1836. Grandpa Jones was borned in England and was 14 years old when he came to America, but his given name is what that is keeping his heirs out of the land grand that was given to him by the U.S. Government for services in the war of 1812, it is 36 thousand acres, I think his name was Wesley. Briton, Billy, Eliza and Uncle Britt Jones' boys did not think so. - - - - -Uncle Enoch Jones told me Grandma was offered ten thousand for it in 1856, but Aunt Mary Warren wouldn't sign the deed. Grandma had all the papers about it but she died at one of the granddaughters, her name was Pet Sims. Tom Dial wrote for them she wrote back she didn't leave any papers. They all thought she sold it herself. - - - - - - --- - - - - -Grandma Jones name was Edie Hardcastle don't know where she was borned but think it was South Carolina she was Dutch and Cherokee Indian. Your loving Sis, Lydia"

(Don’s Note: The person Lydia was referring to as being "borned" in England may have been her great-grandfather, Benjamin Jones. Her grandfather Jones, who she thought was named Wesley, was actually Britton Jones, born 1789. The Briton, Billy, & Eliza mentioned were Lydia's siblings, Charles Britton Morgan, William Marion Morgan & Eliza Morgan. Their Uncle Britt, Uncle Enoch, & Aunt Mary Warren, also referred to, were her mother Dorthula Morgan's brothers & sister, Britton Washington Jones, Enoch Marion Jones & Mary (Jones) Warren (widow of Preston Warren), all deceased by 1930's when this letter was written. They would have told her the actual name of her grandfather was Britton. Actually, the Jones family did not own 36 thousand acres, that is an exaggeration as in many "family traditons". They probably owned less than 300 acres. Some of this land was sold by Britton and his mother Susannah over the years.)
(See notes on widow Edy (Hardcastle) Jones for a continuation.)
EDITHA (HARDCASTLE) JONES was born about 1800 in Rutherford County, NC. Her parents were Robert & Susannah (Wilkinson) Hardcastle who settled in Franklin County, Tennessee about 1810.
In 1817, about a year after her father died, Edy married Britton Jones and they raised their family along the Elk River of this northeast part of Franklin County, TN. Several years after her husband Britton died in 1845, Edy and her grown children all moved to middle Tennessee, along the Tennessee River in the southeast corner of Decatur County, near Hardin County. It appears, her brother-in-law, Allen Jones, a younger brother of Britton, had moved to that area during the 1820's, so they had a family connection there. Census evidence suggests that another brother of Britton and Allen, named Wyly/Wilie had also moved there during the 1820's.
During the Civil War, Edy's sons Enoch Marion Jones & John Henry Jones & their families moved on to Northwest Arkansas as did her daughters Mary Warren & Caroline Dial. Edy's son Britt, Jr & daughter Dorthula Morgan went on to Mississippi during this time, but they also eventually settled in Arkansas not far from where their siblings had already settled.
Edy moved in with her daughter Susan Dial and family. They remained in Tennessee & resided near Carrollville, just across the Tennessee River from Decatur County, in Wayne County during the 1860's. Family tradition suggests that Edy later resided with her granddaughter, Louisa "Pet" Sims in Decatur County, TN after Susan's husband died. It was about this time in 1875, Susan accompanied her son Wiley Hastings to the extreme southeastern tip of Missouri in Dunklin County, and supposedly died there sometime after the 1880 census. Edy evidently died before 1880 in Decatur Co TN at the home of her granddaughter. The death date & the location of her grave are unknown.
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6 Nov 1856 (Bounty Land Application) EDY JONES for husband BRITTON's WAR of 1812 Service
"State of Tennessee County of Franklin. On this 6th day of November 1856 personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace within and for the county and state aforesaid Edy Jones aged about fifty two years a resident of DECATUR COUNTY, Tennessee State, who being duly sworn according to law declares that she is the widow of Britton Jones deceased who was a private in the company commanded by Captain Barby Collins in the regiment of Tennessee Volunteers commanded by Col Metcalf in the war with Great Britain declares by the United States on the 18h day of June 1812, that her said husband volunteered in Franklin County, Tennessee - - - - - - for the term of six months and was honorably discharged. She further states that she was married to the said Britton Jones in Franklin County, Tennesse in the year of 1817 by one James Sturdavant a Justice of the Peace for said county and that her name before said marriage was Edy Hardcastle, and that her said husband died in Franklin County, Tennessee in August 1845 and that she is now a widow, She further declares that she has heretofore made application for Bounty land under the act approved September the 28th 1850 and obtained a land warrant for eighty acres NO ____ which she has transferred and is now beyond her control. She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which she may be entitled under the act approved March 3rd 1856, and she further declares that she has not received or applied for Bounty land under this or any other act of Congress except as above mentioned. Edy Jones (Her Mark)"

Children of Britton & Edy (Hardcastle) Jones:

Born: 1819 near Winchester(Franklin) TN
Died: Unknown
Married: Sarah Smith 1 Aug 1839 Franklin Co TN

Born: 9 Dec 1821 near Winchester(Franklin) TN
Died: 5 Jan 1896 Webb City (Franklin) AR
Married: W. Preston Warren 6 Sep 1838 Winchester(Franklin) TN

Born: Abt 1823 near Winchester (Franklin) TN
Died: 1880’s Dunklin Co MO
Married: David Dial 28 Apr 1839 Winchester(Franklin) TN

Born: 27 Jan 1827 near Winchester (Franklin) TN
Died: 14 Apr 1918 Huntsille(Madison) AR
Married: Martha Ann Elvira Yeates(1); Nancy Ann Breshears(2)

Born: Abt 1829 near Winchester(Franklin) TN
Died: 4 Jul 1890 Auburn(Sebastian) AR
Married: Isaac Dial(1); Mr Treadaway(2)

Born: 31 May 1830 near Winchester(Franklin) TN
Died: 24 Mar 1927 Auburn(Sebastian) AR
Married: Mariah Elizabeth Yeates 16 May 1855 Decatur Co TN

Born: 12 Apr 1833 near Winchester(Franklin) TN
Died: 18 Feb 1917 Auburn(Sebastian) AR
Married: Emily “Tennessee” Manus abt 1855 Decatur Co TN

Born: 26 Jun 1838 near Winchester(Franklin) TN
Died: 24 May 1917 Washburn(Sebastian) AR
Married: Charles Grandison Morgan abt 1856 Decatur Co TN

Born: 1841 near Winchester(Franklin) TN
Died: Unknown

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