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Watson Cemetery in the Gum Creek area of northeast Franklin County,Tennessee, near Winchester.
(A view driving north up the lane. In 1992 this cemetery was surrounded by the large trees, also overgrown with weeds & brush, however, was cleared and cleaned up during the mud 1990's by Joe Little & others whose ancestors are also buried here. Larry Dyer sent me more updated pics which he received from Mr Little. (2d photo)

1780's - 96 District SC (Revolutionary War Service) Our BENJAMIN JONES, of 96 District (Union Co) in northern South Carolina, served as a private and lieutenant in North & South Carolina under Capt George Taylor also under Col Anderson & briefly under Capt John Turner. Fought at the Battles of King's Mountain and Cowpens. The SC Rev War Audited Account #4197 below refers to our Benjamin Jones who later settled in Georgia and eventually Franklin County, Tennessee by 1812. (See widow Susannah's Pension Files for more details. Her pension application of 1852 was rejected.)
1812 - Franklin County, Tennessee (Tax/Voting List)
Benjamin JONES, Britain JONES, Robert JONES(Page 20//96-Next to each other)
Britain Jones,Robert Jones,James HARDCASTLE, Robert HARDCASTLE (page 8//84)
(Note: Britain Jones owned land in 2 different districts per the enumerator.
(Note: Our Benjamin Jones & Susannah, along with sons Britton, Robert, Allen & possibly other sons, had settled in Franklin County, Tennessee by 1812. Benjamin & Susannah moved to Georgia from South Carolina, probably during the late 1790's. There were other men named Benjamin Jones who were in the same area of SC and Georgia during this time. It is quite probable that our Benjamin & family did not moved on to Georgia until the late 1790's, since youngest son Allen was born in SC in 1797, per later census records of Allen in Decatur County TN)
Audited Account #4197 Roll 80, pages 193-205 for Rev War Service (SC State Archives) 24 June 1785 - (SC Treasury Certificate/No 415 Book T) "South-Carolina. PURSUANT to an ACT of the GENERAL ASSEMBLY passed the 16th of March, 1783, We, the COMMISSIONERS of the TREASURY, have this Day delivered to Mr BENJAMIN JONES, this our INDENTED CERTIFICATE, for the Sum of Six pounds, fifteen Shillings & eight pence half penny sterling for Militia Duty as private as per account audited The said Benjamin Jones his Executors, Administrators, or Assigns, will be entitled to receive from this Office the Sum of Nine Shillings & five pence on the ???? for one Year's Interest on the principal Sum of Six pounds, fifteen shillings & eight pence, half penny and the like Interest annually. The said Benjamin Jones, his Executors, Administators or Assigns, may make any Purchases at any Public Sales of Confiscated Property, (except such as shall be ordered by the Legislature for special Purposes;) and this INDENT shall be received in Payment. For the true Performance of the several Payments in Manner above-mentioned, the PUBLIC TREASURY is made liable, and the FAITH of the STATE pledged by the aforesaid ACT. GIVEN under our Hands at the TREASURY-OFFICE, in CHARLESTON, the twenty fourth Day of June, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-five. John Edwards Jun. Commissioners of the Treasury. "

24 June 1785 - (SC Treasury Receipt/No 414 Book T) " Mr Benjamin Jones his account of Duty in the militia as Private since the reduction of ChsTown. Two pounds, eleven Shillings and five pence sterling" "State of South Carolina - D: (due?) to Benjamin Jones for Duty/Col Anderson's return L 2:11:5. (pay). June 24th 1785, Received full satisfaction for the within ? Indent #414 Book T by virtue of an order for Benjn Jones."

24 June 1785 - (SC Treasury Receipt/No 414 Book T) "June 24th 1785. Mr Benj Jones his account of Duty in the militia as private since the reduction of Chstown. Six pounds, fifteen shillings and eight pence half penny sterling." "State of South Carolina - D: (due?) to Benjamin Jones for Duty/Col Anderson's return L 6:15:8L"

4 Oct 1785 - (96 District SC, Delivery of Indent) "Gentlemen, Please to Deliver to John Sullivan my Indents for the service ?? Signed: Benjamin Jones.
Edward Blake, Peter Borquett, Esqrs: Commisioners of the Treasury" "State of South Carolina, Ninety Six District. Benjamin Jones made oath before me that he gave? the above order for his indents and never bargained nor sold the same to no person whatsoever nor has he ever received no satisfcation thereof. Sworn October 4th 1785 Before John H. Herndon, J.P. Benjamin Jones"

1785 - (SC Treasury Receipt/No 800 Book Y) "31 Decr '85 - Benjamin Jones for One month Duty as private in Capt Turner's Company of Militia in 1780. Two pounds two shillings and ten pence farthing sterling."

23 Apr 1786 - (Delivery of Indent) "To Peter Boqueat & John Mitchell Treasures of the State of South Carolina, Please to deliver my Indent to the bearer hereof to John Turner & I do hereby authorize and empower the said John Turner to act & do for me & in my name and in so doing this power shall be a receipt against the same from your ?? April the 23d 1786. Benj Jones. I do hereby certify that the above Power was signed & acknowledge before me the 23d of April 1786. Andw Hemphill, J.P ?"

17 Aug 1786 - (SC Treasury Receipt/No 114) "Benjamin Jones for Militia duty, since the fall of Charleston in Roebuck's Regiment of Anderson's Return. One Pound, five shillings and eight pence half penny"

1787 - (Endorsement of Indent 414) "January 24th 1787. I Endorse the ?? Indent to John Herndon or his assignees together with the Interest due therein - Signed: Benjamin Jones Test: Dan Relehy ? 30 Nov 1787 - "N. 415 Book T - Benj Jones' Indent. Recd 30 Nov 1787 one year's Interest on the within Indent due 1 Apr 1787 - L0:9:4. Recd 30 Nov 1787 from the Comms of the Treasury, the amt of the within Indent by disd ? in the purchase of land. Signed: John Herndon"
15 Nov 1817 - Franklin Co TN (Land Records, Book F, pg 28)
SUSANNAH JONES sells 100 acres on the waters of Elk River to William Tubbs for $400.
Wit: Wm H. Hardcastle, Britton Jones (his mark)

21 Jul 1852 - Grundy Co TN (Pension application-Quotes from Pension Files below)
(Quote) Service: NC, SC; NUMBER: R5746
JONES, SUSANNAH CONTENTS: res at enl S.C. d in Franklin Co Tenn on May 4, 1815 or in 1817 State of Tennessee, Grundy County. On this 21st day of July in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and fifty two personally appeared before the Subscriber and Acting Justice of the Peace in and for the County and State above written Mrs SUSANAH JONES and being first duly sworn according to law states on her oath makes the following Declaration That she is the widow of BENJAMIN JONES who was a Lieutenant and private in the War of the Revolution that he served in the war of the Revolution as Lieutenant under Capt George Taylor in the South Carolina troops that he served as a Lieutenant for more than two years in the South Carolina troops and that he served in both the states of North and South Carolina and for they lived near the line and a portion of his service may have been in North Carolina. That he served under one Col Anderson as affiant has often heard her husband say and speak of Col Anderson and also he served for a short time under one Captain John Turner that she thinks this last service was for a short time, as she lived in the same neighborhood though not married to Benjamin Jones she knew him well and was married directly after the war closed. Affiant further declares that her husband was in the Battles of Cowpens & Kings Mountain that he served as Lieutenant under Capt George Taylor she is certain more than two years and as a private in the militia for about eighteen months at different times. Affiant further declares that she is eighty six years of age and that she was married to Benjamin Jones above stated in the year seventeen hundred and eighty three in South Carolina and for proof of said marriage and service she must refer to the roles in Washington City and South Carolina and to the record of the births of his children accompaning this Declaration, affiant further declares that the accompaning family record was changed that is she states on account of the dates being one year too early. Elijah Jones, son of Benjamin and Susannah Jones his wife, was born Feb. the 20, 1785; Francis Jones was born 20 October 1787; Britton Jones was born 9 October 1789; Robert Jones was born 30 December 1790; John Jones was born 4 November 1792; Wyly Jones was born 30 November 1793; Allin Jones was born 20 February 1795/97 Susanah Jones (Her Mark) (Endquote)
Susannah Jones appoints Taze W. Newman of Knoxville her attorney. Witnesses: Harris Gilliam, Benjamin F. Jones
(Note: List was very faded and hard to read. The last digit of each birth year was altered, as mentioned above in Susannah's application)

13 Sep 1853 - Franklin County, TN (Other Witnesses) Benjamin F. Jones aged 89 states he was raised in South Carolina and knew Benjamin Jones. He saw him enter the service several times. Affiant himself served a one month tour after the close of the war along with Jones.
Daniel Farmer aged 85 swears he was raised in South Carolina and was there acquainted with Benjamin Jones. Although he was a small boy he recalls that Jones served with many others of the neighborhood and was a private and lieutenant. Said Jones moved to Tennessee many years ago and died there.

22 Sep 1853 - South Carolina Comptroller's Office Copies of Benjamin Jones' payment records as a soldier in 1785 from 96 District were enclosed.

7 Sep 1854 - Grundy Co TN Susannah Jones, aged 88, states her husband died 24 May 1815 and she has never married again. She swears she has never before made application for a pension but several years earlier employed a man named Jones- - -to apply for her and the reason why she cannot now tell- - and she hopes this will not be held against her. (Note: Unclear as to what this means. Pension file cover sheet states Benjamin Jones died 4 May 1815 or 1817)

ELIJAH JONES, born 20 Feb 1785 in 96 District SC; married ?

FRANCIS JONES, born 20 Oct 1787 in 96 District SC

BRITTON JONES born 9 Oct 1789 in 96 District SC; died Aug 1845 in Franklin Co
TN; married Editha "Edy" Hardcastle 1817 in Winchester(Franklin) TN.

ROBERT JONES, born 30 Dec 1790 in 96 District SC

JOHN JONES, born 4 Nov 1792 in 96 District SC

WYLY JONES, born 30 Nov 1793 in 96 District SC; died Aft. 1850 in Decatur Co TN; married Lucinda; born 1793 in GA

ALLEN JONES, born 20 Feb 1797 in 96 District SC; died Abt 1875 in Decatur County, TN; married Francis; born 1800 in GA; died Bet. 1870 - 1879 in Decatur County, TN
(Note: Allen Jones' sons George K. Jones & Morgan Hampton Jones moved to Sebastian County, AR during the 1870's and were close neighbors to their first cousin Enoch Marion Jones, born 1830. George K. Jones had served in the Confederate Army in Decatur Co TN while his brother Morgan Hampton Jones served with a Confederate unit from Mississippi. You will notice that George K. Jones named one of his sons Enoch M. Jones, born 1868)
Descendants of Harriet Dorthula (Jones) Morgan
Jessie Parks, Broken Arrow, OK (Deceased 1996)
Faye Capehart, Lodi, CA (Deceased May 1998)
Linda Durbin, Auburn, WA 98002

Descendants of Enoch Marion Jones (Son of Britton & Edy)
Hoyt & Fern Duncan,Wilburton, OK 74578
Weta Womack, Wilburton, OK 74578
Ruby (Meeks) Bracken, Ft Smith, AR (Deceased)

Descendant of Susan (Jones) Dial
Larry Dyer, Richardson, TX 75080

Earlene Rogers, Greenwood, AR (Descendant of Allen Jones)

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