OAHU, HAWAII TRIP, 19 April 2001:

(McKENNEY LAND on Nonesuch River at Black Point)


Andrew & Louisa Grace (Richards). McKenney


Married: 1862 Kaneohe(Oahu)Hawaii

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(Donald Earl McKinney Jr)
These notes were compiled from material gathered since 1980 by personal research & correspondence.

I am deeply grateful to the late Mervil "Mac" McKenney of Jerome Idaho, also a descendant of Andrew & Louisa (Richards) McKenney, for his inspiration & wonderful contributions to the information we have gathered over the years concerning our McKenney family in Hawaii, Utah & the ancient ancestors of Maine.
Mac is a descendant of Andrew & Louisa McKenney's son Andrew who settled in Utah. Andrew Jr was a brother of my Great-Grandfather Ed McKinney who settled in Wyoming.

If these notes, or excerpts, are copied, shared with others, published or displayed on the internet, it will be appreciated that proper genealogical etiquette be observed, acknowledging the compiler. Any "legitimate" additions or corrections, etc. will also be greatly appreciated.

ANDREW JACKSON McKENNEY was born 10 April 1840 in Stetson, Penobscot County, Maine & was the son of RICHARD & LYDIA (BRAWN/BRANN) McKENNEY who were originally from Scarborough, Cumberland County, Maine. He was descended from an ancient American family that came to this country during the 17th century. The emigrant ancestor was John Mackenny who was a soldier in the Scottish revolutionary army that attempted to place their own Prince Charles on the throne of Great Britain as the rightful heir of the Stuart monarchy. They were defeated by the military dictator, Oliver Cromwell, and the English forces at the battles of Dunbar and Worchester. When he and many other Scots were captured after these battles, they were transported in 1651 to Boston. After serving his 7 year indenture, John Mackenny settled on the frontier of Maine where his children & descendants were born & raised.

Before the beginning of the American Civil War, young Andrew, according to family traditions, decided to leave his homeland of Maine & stowed away aboard a ship which sailed around Cape Horn to the Sandwich Islands, now called the Hawaiian Islands, located in the opposite ocean. He is believed to have worked for the Rowan family on a sugar plantation & small cattle ranch near Kaneohe. After Mr Rowan died, Andrew eventually married the widow, whose maiden name was LOUISA GRACE RICHARDS originally from Cornwall, England.

This plantation was whittled down to 6.17 acres & was located in the middle of the southern boundary of the Keaahala Plat on the eastern slope of the Koolau Range about 10 miles north of Honolulu. The summitt Puu Keahiakahoe, elevation 2850, overlooked their home. This area would today be on the western fringe of the city of Kaneohe. In addition to owning and running this sugar plantation, Andrew became acquainted with King Kamehameha V and was appointed his advisor and a uniformed member of the Palace Guard. His official "sealing ring" still exists and is owned by a another descendant. Andrew became the step-father of the Rowan children and according to family tradition, thought very highly of him since he was the only father they ever knew. Andrew & Louisa had 4 other children of their own named Andrew Jr, Edward "Ed", Lydia & Catherine "Kate". Andrew died suddenly in 1878 of a "brain disease" but it is not known for sure what exactly caused this condition. Family tradition also suggests that he went blind and lost his hair shortly before his death. He was buried on their plantation with several huge boulders marking his final resting place. His 2 young sons, Andrew & Ed McKenney, were sent to live in "the States". Widow Louisa and the 2 daughters followed in 1881. (See notes on wife Louisa for a continuation of this family)
LOUISA GRACE (RICHARDS) McKENNEY was born on 21 May 1831 in St Neot, Cornwall, England. She was the daughter of SAMUEL & JOHANNA (MAY) RICHARDS.
Louisa and other relatives, including her sister Catherine, left England during the 1850's for a world cruise. They worked for awhile in Austrailia before landing in the Hawaiian Islands. Louisa met a sugar plantation owner name William Augustus Rowan and they were married in 1854. They had sons named Charles, William and George Rowan, all raised near Kaneohe, Oahu on the plantation. Her husband died in 1861 and Louisa later became acquainted with their hired plantation worker, Andrew Jackson McKenney, who was 9 years her junior. They were married about 2 years later and had 4 children of their own, Andrew McKenney Jr, Edward, Lydia & Catherine "Kate". Andrew, a uniformed member of the King's palace guard, died suddenly in 1878, and several months later, Louisa married 3d husband Robert Brown. In the meantime, she granted permission for her sons Andrew Jr & Edward McKenney to travel to America. This was in 1878, but their step-brother, Charles Rowan, had moved to Utah several years earlier.

Louisa & 3d husband Robert Brown divorced & in 1881 she set sail to San Francisco with her 2 young daughters, Lydia & Kate McKenney. Sons George & William Rowan remained in Hawaii where George married a Hawaiian woman & raised his family. Son William Rowan died about 1887.
In 1883, Louisa and daughters were in Astoria, Clatsop Co, Oregon where they resided for several years. It is not known for sure if sons Andrew & Ed McKenney resided in Oregon after leaving Hawaii, but it is probable they were in California & Utah part of the time. During the early 1880's, Andrew settled in Logan, Utah. Louisa's son Ed McKinney went to Wyoming where he raised his family.

After a brief trip back to Hawaii during the late 1880's, Louisa and the daughters, returned to California about 1890 and settled in the Oakland area. Louisa later resided in San Leandro, California near Oakland during the 1890's, but also resided with son Andrew in Logan, Utah during this time. Around the turn of the century, she lived with son Ed on his ranch near Lander on the Sweetwater River in Fremont county, Wyoming. A few years later, she moved back to Utah and lived with son Charles Rowan near Coyote (now called Antimony), Garfield County, Utah. She died there in 1908 and was buried in the local cemetery.

Children of Andrew & Louisa (Richards) McKenney:

Born: 18 Oct 1863 Kaneohe(Oahu) Hawaii
Married: Madelaine Smith 13 Nov 1885 Logan(Cache) Utah
Died: 21 Sep 1935 Logan(Cache) Utah

Born: 25 Feb 1866 Kaneohe(Oahu) Hawaii
Married: LENORA “Nora” GAYLOR 27 Mar 1893 Lander(Fremont) Wyo
Died: 27 Oct 1930 Covina(LA) CA

Born: 1 Jul 1869 Kaneohe(Oahu) Hawaii
Married: James E. Mullins(1); Richard Agnew Houck(2)
Died: 20 Jan 1944 MountainView(SantaClara) CA

Born: 13 Mar 1876 Kaneohe(Oahu) Hawaii
Married: Mr Taylor(1); Bill Smith(2)
Died: 15 Jan 1941 Provo, Utah