Here comes "Donnie Cottontail", hopping down the "BONER TRAIL", Hippity-Hoppity, Donnie's on his way!


Hey sweetie, would you like to pet my "EASTER BONEY" ???

I would like for you to gaze into my baby blues with your own baby blues while you wrap your lovely lips around my "Easter Boney". My "Easter Boney" is also looking for a nice cozy den to crawl into. Some place nice & warm where he can feel safe & comfortable. Ahhhh, Heaven !!!

Would you like my "Easter Boney" to enter the front entrance of your cozy den or the rear entrance? I can slide DEEP into your den either way, providing you intense pleasure. Sometimes I enjoy the front entrance so I can kiss your sweet lips while my "Easter Boney" is crawling inside your cozy den.